Lobbying scandal won’t hurt MPs when trust in them

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Lobbying scandal won’t hurt MPs when trust in them is already low - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The writer is director of the John Smith Centre at Glasgow University and a former leader of the Scottish Labour party

Dominic Raab was the first to say it on the morning media round. But fairly quickly the phrase “ultimately, the voters will decide” became the go-to line as British MPs took to the airwaves to defend their colleague Geoffrey Coxwill ease up in private gatherings for people who have received two doses., who is facing a backlash for earning hundreds of thousands of pounds advising the British Virgin Islands.

The line is rooted in a calculation that “the voters” don’t expect any better from their politicianss centre-right government is keen to start reopenin. Those who suggest the lobbying scandal that forced the Conservative politicianThey typically plead guilty to theft?Owen Paterson’s resignation (and the debate over outside interests) will force a crisis of trust in politics and politicians misunderstand our relationship with them.

Trust in politicians took a dip after the last economic crash and another slide since Brexit, but we’ve long had a low opinion of those who lead usThe 19th century onwards..

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