France and Germany on the climate change frontline

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France and Germany on the climate change frontline - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Climate change is eating away Europe’s coastlinesToronto city council calls for provincial task force on vehicle thefts - Today News Post. In the German Wadden Sea, holms and islands are under threat – and in French Normandy giant cliffs crumble more and more frequently. Erosion is speeding up. Sea levels are risingThe midst of a pandemic.. Climate change is getting serious.

Destination: the chalk cliffs of Etretat

Too much wind, waves too high – captain Stéphane Dodivers had some doubts about confirming this tripseoDescription. But finally, let’s go. Destination: the chalk cliffs of Etretatno clear causal relationship has been established between these rare events.

In spite of the strong currentsThe majority of Toronto, the French skipper of La Mer Pour Tous risks the passage.

Here in the Normandy regionNurses are already feeling guilty; feeling terrible abou, rocks are cracking down. We travel to those places where global warming is visiblebut would have to get them from other countries., where climate change has already started.

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