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It's urgent to get married and have a wedding again. Desperately save, and finally save 60000 marriage costs. The house decoration cost only 35000 yuan. Awesome! Let's go and have a look at this 82 square meter wedding room

[house type]: two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

[area]: 82 square meters

[style]: Modern and simple

[suitable for residents]: a family of two

[budget]: 3.5W (half bag)

got the new house. Seeing that more and more neighbors in the community just got the new house, they eagerly began to decorate it. Because of the increasingly expensive labor and material costs, my husband and I finally decided to start decoration, In addition, my husband is engaged in design, so he can design and decorate by himself. Because the space of the house is really small, I finally decided to be modern and simple after trying the PK of n-many schemes. Of course, my husband and I prefer a clean and refreshing living environment.

my husband said that he usually serves others, and this time he can finally decide to decorate by himself, which is more or less exciting, But in fact, the final burden fell on me, because he went to serve customers, basically regardless of his own home, hey! Helpless, I can only do it, so the last thing is to pick the main task. My husband only cares about the technical consultant





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