What do you see in the model room before decoratio

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What did you see in the model room before decoration

>& gt;& gt; To see the model room, you need to lift the veil to see the essence

before decoration, many business owners first visit the model room of the decoration company. But when do you see the model room? What kind of model room are you looking at? What do you see in the model room? Not everyone knows these problems

the time to see the model room

should be after the decoration company makes the design scheme for the first time. At this time, the advantage of visiting the model room is that you can ask the designer to compare and explain the design scheme with the model room

what kind of model room to look at

it depends on several model rooms in different construction periods, rather than several in the same construction period. First of all, you can choose the construction site under construction. Second, you can choose the model room that has just been completed and is being accepted by the owner. Many companies are willing to lead visitors to such model rooms, because first of all, the consent of the owner is not required. Secondly, some construction projects that may have problems have basically not had problems. Thirdly, the construction site has generally been preliminarily cleaned and feels good. Third, the owner has stayed in the model room for a period of time. Such a model room, the designer's design ideas are fully reflected, and the late accessories made by the owner have also been in place, which will give visitors some inspiration

find a feeling in the model room

visit the construction site under construction, mainly to see the site management of the decoration company, whether there are workers smoking and drinking on the site, whether the materials are stacked neatly, and whether the construction waste is cleaned every day. Generally speaking, if the company manages the construction site in place, the construction quality will basically not have major problems

the newly completed model room mainly depends on the responsibility of the construction team of the decoration company. During the completion acceptance stage, the company with good operation will do every small project on the construction site as well as possible, and there will be no left over projects, such as the switch socket is not installed, or the construction waste is not cleaned up, etc

the model room that has been occupied mainly depends on the after-sales service of the decoration company





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