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Osheno ceramics ended its first battle in 2017 with 110million yuan. The "double 11 global Carnival" in 2017 has come to a perfect end in a cheering boom, and the return activities have also followed. As a ceramic brand that participated in tmall's double 11 for the first time, osheno fought for 24 hours and finally achieved sales of 110million, ranking among the top four in the industry

creating explosive experience is king

for businesses, double 11 is not only a surge in sales, but also the key to improving consumer reputation. For a long time, Oushennuo has made continuous self breakthroughs, strengthened checks on product quality and performance, focused on consumer experience, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality one-stop whole house tile experience services, achieving transcendental beauty with efficient and perfect experience

although it was the first time to participate in the "double 11" event, Oushennuo ceramics showed enough sincerity. 80% of the products provided to consumers this time were new products, which surprised users. At the same time, osheno has launched a number of ceramic tile products that are at the forefront of fashion, especially Oman beige, a fully glazed non slip floor tile, which has attracted the attention of a large number of young new users

the industry's first new mode of ceramic tile space customization

as a modern large-scale manufacturing enterprise rich in Internet genes, osheno ceramics has been driven by innovation, integrating design, R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, and has efficient and advanced production and manufacturing equipment and technology. After the opening of the first flagship store of ceramic tile o2o new retail entity under the Oushennuo line in July this year, Oushennuo ceramics stood at the front end of the industry in the highly competitive double 11, bringing surprise to the majority of consumers: not only selling ceramic tile items, but also launching a new customized sales model of ceramic tile space based on "square meter pricing". This kind of play, which is the first in the ceramic industry, has also broken through the siege in the fierce competition of the double 11

3 classic styles, multiple sets of ceramic tile space application schemes, buy it now, including room quantity, design, processing, consumption, and seamless connection of online and offline services, making it as convenient to buy ceramic tiles as furniture. It truly realizes the intimate and worry free customization experience of what you see is what you get in ceramic tile space, and undoubtedly creates a new retail model for ceramic tile sales in the industry

In the first year of "new retail", new business forms such as "new retail" and "global resonance" have changed from concept to reality. These trends also accelerate the transformation of traditional retail industry to digital commerce and will lead to a new round of industrial opportunities

it is not difficult to find that behind the online platform, black technology experience and offline experience store of osheno ceramics is a systematic and consumer centered "data" layout. And "data" is the essential core of "new retail"

among them, it is noteworthy that Oushennuo has the ability to control data. By building an Internet technology platform and using vrhome, 3D cloud design, CRM, big data and other tools, osheno ceramics enables the consumer process of product sales and services to achieve efficient interaction between online and offline channels. With a variety of ceramic tile overall space virtual application scenarios as the core, osheno ceramics has established a perfect digital ecological chain and scene based consumption experience from "virtual home" to "real home". At the same time, it also led to the transformation of the business form of "new retail consumption mode of ceramic tiles"

looking ahead, the market requires brands to adapt to the needs of the new retail era and create more advanced manufacturing, R & D and marketing models. I believe that next, osheno ceramics will continue to show an enduring ceramic brand and keep pace with the times. I hope osheno ceramics can bring us more wonderful marketing in the future





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