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There will be Jerry built everywhere, of course, decoration is no exception. Xiaobian summarized that there are roughly the following two kinds of Jerry built places. In the process of traditional decoration, there will be Jerry built wherever the wall decoration is painted with latex paint or pasted with porcelain

of course, the decoration is no exception. Xiaobian summarized that there are roughly the following two kinds of Jerry built places. Wall base treatment: in the process of traditional decoration, whether it is painting emulsion paint or pasting tiles, the wall base treatment must be done well. Otherwise, if it is light, the wall surface will be uneven, and there will be color difference after the latex paint is applied; In particular, the emulsion paint is discolored and cracked, or the paste is not firm and falls off. The treatment of wall base course is very troublesome. First, check the wall base course, do basic cleaning for the old wall, brush interface agent, level and crack prevention treatment, and then brush putty for treatment. Therefore, there will be a lot of Jerry built and easy-going things here

the use of wall materials for decoration and the choice of wall materials will also determine the working method of the constructor. Xiaobian has seen the decoration with paint provided by the owner himself. The painter painted it very forthright, and didn't want the paint at the bottom of the bucket, but the full package painter finished painting, and even took the bucket away. This is the hidden danger brought by invisible decoration materials. You can't know exactly how much material he used. You can't stare at it all the time. You can only pay the bill. But solid wood dado is different

in terms of the basic treatment of the wall surface, the solid wood background wall can be directly installed on the blank wall, eliminating many links in the treatment of the wall base; The fast installation process saves time and trouble, and greatly reduces the possibility of Jerry building. From the visible decoration materials, every board is visible, and you can place as many orders as you need. You can't cut corners if you want to put them there honestly. The installation method is also simple, and the decoration advantages of green and environmental protection can also save a lot of time, so that the owner can move into the new house earlier. To sum up, it is a wise choice to choose solid wood background wall decoration, choose visible decoration methods, and avoid cutting corners

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