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Bed is our dream factory. We spend one third of our life in bed. So what's the most creative bed you've ever seen? Are there any creative beds that make you fall in love at first sight

bed is our dream factory. We spend one third of our life in bed. So what's the most creative bed you've ever seen? Are there any creative beds that you fall in love with at first sight and want to take home immediately? You may not have seen these creative beds below. After reading them, I immediately feel that they have refreshed my world outlook

now let Xiaomei lead you to raise your posture

first of all, this bed. What do you think it looks like? Is there anything like the chestnut we often eat? Let's call it "chestnut bed". The outside is woven into an open chestnut in the form of rattan, and then the soft and thick cloth is wrapped around the inner wall of the chestnut. With a bed cushion and a few pillows, you have such a comfortable and creative bed

when you see this "swimming pool bed", do you also want to "swim for a while"? This is simply a clear current in the hot summer, which makes people feel refreshed immediately

"pizza bed" looks delicious. The person who designed this bed is a foodie! The identification is completed

"Swan bed" is dreamy and fairy. Is there wood? There is a story of "ugly duckling turns into swan" in primary school textbooks. I don't know if we sleep in such a bed and dream, will we wake up more beautiful and greasy? O (∩ ∩) O hahaha ~, don't expose the fact that I'm not handsome. Even if I kill you, I won't admit it

"bird's Nest Bed" this is very simple and rude, but also very grounded! Stack pieces of wood at random on the periphery (it looks dark purple) to make a model of the bird's nest. The inside wall of the bird's nest is wrapped with a layer of cloth, and then put in a few large pillows with fresh colors, and there is another magic weapon! However, I'm a little worried about whether I'll be stabbed when I go out? If you can't afford to buy a car because of being stabbed... Let's have a "car bed"! You deserve the luxury of low-key and the fighter of force

seeing this "cradle bed", I can't help singing the song of President Zhou: "if you want to go back to the past, try to hold you in your arms, with a shy face with a little childishness, want to see the world you see, want to be in the picture of your dream, as long as you lean together, you can feel sweet..." lying on the "cradle bed", shaking and rocking, can we go back to the past, back to our innocent and trouble free childhood

then, what's the latest one? Yes, a huge "U-shaped pillow" has been made into a bed?! There is no one with this brain hole of the designer... I just want to ask: will you fall down standing and sleeping in the middle of the night? O (╯ □ ╯) o

finally, this "Book bed" really moves me! Because the teacher once told me, "there is a golden house in the book, and there is a beautiful face in the book". But I haven't found such a book for more than 20 years. Today, I finally found it! Moved to cry... Mom doesn't have to worry about my sleep anymore

funny funny force us to be amateurs. We are serious and professional when making customized furniture! Remember to come to Xiaomei if necessary

seriously, which creative bed do you like





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