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We often encounter these problems: when we open the wardrobe, it is full of clothes, but we can't find the one we want to wear most! The wardrobe is obviously big, but I always feel that it is not enough! So, how to make the wardrobe layout reasonable, neat and orderly

we often encounter these problems:

open the wardrobe, full of clothes, but can't find the one we want to wear most

the wardrobe is obviously large, but I always feel that it is not enough

then, the problem comes -

how to make the wardrobe layout reasonable, neat and orderly

how to quickly find the clothes you want to wear after getting up

how to achieve maximum storage in a narrow space

1. Sort out the clothes you need and don't need

2. Classify the clothes you need to wear (hanging, folding, small items)

3. Arrange the wardrobe in different areas:

long hanging area - skirt, large clothes

short hanging area - coat Jacket

independent pants rack - pants

independent lattice - heavy clothes

metal basket - often wear clothes (sportswear/pajamas) that need ventilation

closed drawers - T-shirts, tops

separate drawers - underwear, socks

according to the above method, you can choose the appropriate storage artifacts, such as the following:

1, drawers: underwear, hats, gloves Daily necessities of small objects such as jewelry have large capacity, easy to take and good concealment

the drawers of Stanley home wardrobe in the United States are all made of double faced organic boards with EO level environmental protection standards, which are beautiful, load-bearing, smooth to push and pull, and can minimize noise

2. Pants rack: used to hang pants to make them straight without wrinkles. Anti slip belts are installed on the trouser racks of Stanley home, which can prevent clothes from falling off. At the same time, the rack rod can move freely, and the position can be adjusted according to the number and thickness of clothes, which is convenient and practical

3. Baige smoke: Baige smoke is an essential article for every man and woman. It can be used to store ties and scarves to ensure that items are placed orderly and do not interfere with each other. American Stanley home Baige pump is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, strong impact resistance, will not easily break and deform, and has a longer service life. In addition, there is no limit on the location of the hundred grid, and the owner can draw and arrange the location of the grid at will according to his needs, which is also extremely convenient for sanitation

3. Basket pulling: it can reasonably distinguish the space, so that all items and appliances can "take their place", and realize the maximization of space utilization. The basket frame of American Stanley home is made of high molecular aluminum alloy (aluminum titanium magnesium alloy) made of aviation material, which has the characteristics of no oxidation, no rust, no deformation, high hardness, environmental protection and long service life; In addition, the welding grid of the basket body is flat, uniform and free of burrs, and the welding points are uniform, smooth, firm and beautiful, which will not damage the clothes

with these storage artifacts, you can quickly and accurately find the items you need when you need them, and completely bid farewell to the situation that clothes are piled up and messy and hard to find





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