Decoration quotation of 84m2 house type in Tingrui

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According to Xiaobian, the current decoration market in Wuhan, the half package price of economic decoration companies is about 300 to 450 yuan/square meter, the average half package price of mid-range decoration companies is about 400 to 600 yuan/square meter, and the half package price of brand decoration companies is about 500 to 1200 yuan/square meter. The decoration price of 84 square meters above is close to 50000, which belongs to a mid-range decoration. It is more cost-effective for friends who are independent and have a low budget. It can also be seen from the quotation that the renovation of water and electricity must be the focus of attention in the decoration. Both the use of materials and the construction process must ensure the quality, and must not be saved. And whether to play the cabinet or not has a great impact on the quotation of half package decoration. Of course, according to the size of the cabinet, the proportion of the cost of playing the cabinet is also different

I don't know whether the above quotation can help you. In fact, whether you choose half package or full package or full decoration, you can come to Wuhan home decoration network to find your favorite decoration company. At the same time, you can participate in the decoration bidding. The platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure the room for free and formulate the decoration plan. You can compare them, and some decoration funds are waiting for you. Details of the activity page。





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