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Youtu merged into senior management integration: Tudou coo wangxiangyun will leave

with Youku gradually carrying out a series of takeover and transformation of Tudou, Tudou coo wangxiangyun was recently reported to be leaving Tudou

yesterday, Tudou confirmed to the daily economy that wangxiangyun was about to leave Tudou. Tudou said that Wang Xiangyun's resignation was based on his personal development. At present, Youku, Tudou's management and employees are stable, and the merger is progressing smoothly

as for Wang Xiangyun's whereabouts, according to insiders, Wang Xiangyun will join an investment institution with eir (enter preneuridentity)

Wang Xiangyun's resignation is expected. Tudou insiders told the daily economy

the data were seriously damaged. According to the microscope, evelynwang joined Tudou in 2007, served as vice president of sales and marketing communication, and was in charge of the national planning center. In March2010, wangxiangyun was promoted to chief marketing officer to manage national sales and marketing communication, and directly reported to Wang Wei, CEO of Tudou

according to the insiders of Tudou, at the regular communication meetings between the two sides, Wang Xiangyun once said that he hoped to maintain the independence of Tudou, hardware and electromechanical home page title "hardware and electromechanical - hardware and electromechanical industry network marketing service provider"

some analysts believe that wangxiangyun's departure may mean that the senior management teams of both sides begin to integrate, and her departure may lead to the withdrawal of Tudou executives. It is understood that after the merger of the two companies, according to the agreement, Tudou CEO Wang Wei will have the right to serve as a director of the new company's board of directors in 2010 for a term of one year

just before that, some media reported that the two sides had begun to integrate in terms of finance, copyright and advertising. In April this year, the two sides realized the interconnection of user accounts. According to the plan disclosed by both parties, The integration of the two sides will highlight the disadvantages of horizontal push (the large size will be completed in the third quarter, and the new company after the merger will be announced to the public. We can know that the content of the license agreement will enable Raymond composites to produce carbon fiber "faster than any other enterprise in the current market". The management and corporate structure of the commercialization department.

yesterday, the daily economy Call wangxiangyun to verify herself. She said that she would not express any opinions on the resignation and Youku Tudou integration. (daily economy)

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