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Many experts in the industry suggest that the service life of beer bottles should be cancelled. Is it because of over age? Recently, some media reported that the beer bottle explosion accident was caused by the repeated use of old bottles by businesses in order to reduce costs, regardless of the explicit proposal that the recycling period of beer bottles is two years in the GB4544 beer bottles issued by the state. Today, the Shanghai brewing Association held a special discussion and Information Conference on the quality and use of beer bottles in Shanghai, in conjunction with the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for glasses, glass and enamel products, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee and three well-known beer enterprises, Suntory, Qingdao and the Asia Pacific, to officially refute this statement

the two-year recycling proposal for beer bottles is unreasonable

in Appendix B of GB4544 beer bottles issued by the state in 1996, there is such a clause: it is recommended that the recycling period of beer bottles is two years. So, is the beer bottle that has been produced for two years out of service? In this regard, wujianhua and sunhuanbao, director of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of glasses, glass and enamel products, both expressed a common view: the two-year collection nameplate should be fixed in a clear position. The reuse period is only a recommended standard. The two-year cycle is unreasonable, unscientific and very nonstandard

the production date can be found at the bottom of the beer bottle. However, since enterprises can purchase a large number of wine bottles in advance and do not use them for the time being, there is a time difference between this date and the official use time of the wine bottles, ranging from a few months to several years. In other words, this date cannot be counted as the start time of the bottle recycling cycle

sun Huanbao also introduced that the hydrophilic surface of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of glasses and glass enamel products reduced the activity of lipolytic enzymes. The results of a seven-year follow-up experiment on the service life of sandley special bottles: the internal pressure of a wine bottle after seven years of use can still reach the standard of excellent products, only 0.07 MPa less than seven years ago. This result shows that the service life of beer bottles can be much longer than two years

it is understood that wine bottle recycling is a widely adopted method in the world. The United States, Germany, France, Japan and other large beer consuming countries all adopt the method of bottle recycling, and no country has defined the service life of beer bottles

it is reported that a new standard for the use of beer bottles is being reviewed in the industry and will be issued soon. The concept of two-year recovery period for beer bottles is likely to withdraw from the historical stage

the quality of beer bottles in Shanghai is higher than the national standard

I can say negatively that the quality of beer bottles in Shanghai is higher than the national quality standard and the glass bottle quality standard of the national beer industry. At the site of the seminar, wujianhua, Secretary General of Shanghai brewing Association, first gave a reassurance to consumers

at present, all beer bottles on the Shanghai market are recycled by brand, that is, a certain brand of beer has its own dedicated beer bottle, and there is no phenomenon of mixed use of wine bottles. Each management can eliminate the wine bottle team, prevent the bottles with poor quality from entering the production process, and ensure that all beer bottles in the Shanghai market are qualified wine bottles with b-mark

in addition, the density ratio of beer bottles in Shanghai is generally higher than the overall level of the industry. The so-called concentration weight ratio refers to the ratio of the internal solvent of the glass bottle to its own weight. The national regulations must be greater than 0.8, while the density to weight ratio of Shanghai beer bottles not only exceeds this figure, some even reach 1, that is to say, the weight of wine bottles is the same as that of beer. In this way, the wall of the bottle is thickened, and the quality of the beer bottle is improved. According to wujianhua, the probability of beer bottle bursting in Shanghai is less than one in a million, which is very low

According to zhaojiaoli, Secretary General of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, from January to September this year, only four of the 68 complaints about beer received by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission were broken, two of which were caused by the use of non-b-shaped bottles, and the other two were caused by external forces. In recent years, the self explosion of specification beer bottles has basically disappeared

well, since the bottle can't self explode, why does it happen? According to sunhuanbao, beer bottles have certain internal pressure after all, so consumers' improper placement and opening of beer can easily cause bottle explosion. Beer bottles can easily burst when they collide with each other. Therefore, consumers should avoid close contact between beer bottles when buying beer and taking it home. At home, put the wine bottle in the carton and put it in a safe place. When opening, use a bottle opener. Do not bite with your teeth, pry with chopsticks, or simply hit two bottles

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