How to identify gear oil

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How to identify gear oil

automotive gear oil is mainly used for the lubrication of transmission, drive axle gear and transmission mechanism. The first is the range selection: the color is mostly dark black; Distillate hyperbolic gear oil is generally made of yellow green and dark brownish red xpressn materials with soft touch. The classification method is similar to that of engine lubricating oil. From GL-1 to gl-6, the larger the number, the higher the quality. Gl-4 can meet the needs of ordinary cars. The viscosity is divided into six grades according to SAE, 70 W, 75W, 80W, 90, 140 and 250. The first four grades are suitable for low temperature work. Recently, there are many new gear lubricants on the market, which are suitable for both low temperature and high temperature conditions. For example, American HD gear oil has a viscosity of sae80 w/90. Now the pendulum impact testing machine is a generation of the impact testing machine. Vehicles have high requirements for gear oil. Gear oil must also be used strictly according to the specified requirements in use, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the gear device and even cause early damage. How can we identify fake and shoddy gear lubricating oil

at present, there are many fake and shoddy vehicle gear oils on the market. These fake and shoddy gear oils mainly have two characteristics:

first, the fake and shoddy products are added with residual oil, asphalt, inferior rubber or refined refined refined oil in kilogram force/mm2 (n/mm2) base oil. These components have poor thermal oxidation safety, poor viscosity and temperature properties, and are easy to precipitate during storage

second, the quality of additives in fake and inferior products is low. Chlorinated paraffin is often used, and the dosage is insufficient or the proportion is improper, resulting in poor performance. The color of fake and inferior vehicle gear oil products is black, and sometimes stratification or precipitation can be seen. These fake and inferior oils contain chlorine, which has a high viscosity growth rate after oxidation, and there are a lot of sludge and sediment. Users can distinguish the authenticity of gear oil according to these characteristics

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