How to identify the filled original ink cartridge

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How to identify the filled "original" ink cartridge

it is quite annoying to buy inferior fake consumables. After buying the ink cartridge, I happily go home and install it on the inkjet printer, but I haven't printed much yet, and the ink soon runs out. This is just a small problem. What's more, the ink-jet printer will have various faults or be directly scrapped if you buy this kind of ink cartridge. Then, you may have purchased recycled filled ink cartridges. Where do these cartridges come from and how can you avoid buying them? Now we can often see high priced recycled empty toner cartridges in the computer market and even on the street. In fact, the toner cartridges they recycled are used to make fake ones. We can use the following methods to identify whether the purchased original ink cartridge is refilled from the recycled old ink cartridge

1. Look at the outer packaging

the outer packaging of authentic products is beautifully printed; The outer packaging of fake goods is generally reprinted, and the pattern and text are relatively vague. The production date, serial number, etc. on the genuine outer package are all pressed by the machine, showing a concave convex feeling; Fake goods are relatively smooth

2. Look at the sealing tape on the outer package

the tape of the real ink cartridge is strong and will not tear the carton when torn. The adhesive strip of the fake ink cartridge is usually transparent adhesive with printed words, which is very sticky. It is learned from the chemical business department that it is easy to tear the carton when it is torn

3. Look at the pasted part of the carton

in the existing experimental machine parts design manual, there are generally only a few points of glue pasted in this part, and the glue used is a translucent material, not white

4. Look at the vacuum packaging bag

the real ink cartridge packaging bag is close to the box body, and there is no air in the bag. There is some air left in the package of the fake ink cartridge, and the packaging bag is closely pasted with the ink cartridge. Open the packaging bag, if the ink in the ink cartridge overflows due to pressure change, it can be sure that it is a fake, which is caused by the fact that the amount of ink filled in the fake ink cartridge when refilling the ink cannot be mastered

5. Look at the sealing plastic sticker on the nozzle

the sealing film of the real ink cartridge is pasted tightly, and the pseudo mechanical property and heat dissipation performance have pioneered a wide field of utilization. The ink cartridge is pasted loosely, and even obvious peeling phenomenon can be seen

6. See the printing effect

print the form with text software to see if there are burrs and blurring

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