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How can paint enterprises hold a awesome ordering meeting

ordering meeting is a promotional means aimed at the terminal, using promotional policies, combined with dealers, to seize the effective resources of the terminal, so as to expand market share, crack down on competitive products and improve product sales in a short time

order meeting is an extension of conference marketing mode. Choosing an opportunity and holding an order meeting in time can not only achieve the win-win situation of manufacturers, dealers and terminals, but also improve the operation efficiency of regional markets, reduce the workload of employees' terminals, improve team morale, greatly improve the management and guidance ability of manufacturers to existing distribution channels, and quickly improve the profitability of dealers, It can greatly strengthen dealers' confidence in manufacturers

however, many Tu enterprises and dealers have not realized the significance and importance of ordering to brand development. Many dealers said that ordering meetings are generally to inform some policies, often turning into eating and drinking meetings, thank you meetings, etc

the business personnel of Tu enterprises are often influenced by the business ideas of the dealers. The dealers say that it is useless to hold an order meeting, or that they can't open a business. The business personnel will then report to the manufacturer that the order meeting is useless or that the dealers are unwilling to hold an order meeting

in fact, the holding of the order meeting still needs the guidance of the manufacturer and the dealers. Some rich dealers think that it is useless to hold an order meeting, which requires the manufacturer to correct the concept of such dealers and give them correct guidance. Tell such dealers that some medium-sized dealers are becoming stronger and bigger through activities such as ordering meetings, and their business in the regional market is booming. If they don't change their ideas, they will be eliminated in a few years

for some dealers with insufficient financial resources, they often dare not invest in the order meeting, have no confidence in the order meeting, and find reasons to shirk it. Such dealers need business personnel to come up with actual cases to persuade them, tell such dealers about the successful cases in other places of the company, and guide them to invest together with the manufacturer after the order meeting

then, how to hold an order meeting as a "warm-up" awesome before the meeting

I. premise of successful order meeting:

1. Time of order meeting: the time of order meeting should be the day before the sales peak season (summer vacation, holidays, etc.). If there are other dealers or manufacturers in the local market who also intend to hold an order meeting, the time of the order meeting can also be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the terminal funds and inventory space are seized in advance

2. Selection of the place where the order meeting will be held: the choice of the place where the manufacturer will hold the order meeting is also very important. It is best to give priority to cities with good hardware conditions, dealer business teams, county-level cities with excellent oil industry resources and large oil industry capacity, so that it is easier to quickly become famous in a short time and achieve the effect of doubling short-term sales

3. Determination of participants: the order meeting is not only for oil workers, such as distributors who intend to join, distributors' own distribution customers, construction companies, home decoration companies, and even dealers in the surrounding areas of their own brands. On the one hand, it can consolidate human relations. Second, they can take the lead in the order meeting and dispel the doubts of some oil workers. Three can make distributors and surrounding dealers learn the experience of launching ordering meetings, set an example for other dealers, create a model market for manufacturers, and enhance the cohesion between manufacturers. Fourth, it can enhance the confidence of oil workers and interested customers to join

4. Looking for oilers: dealers first list oilers' resources from their own hands, and then know some oilers through introduction. If it is a dealer who has changed his profession to engage in the paint industry and has less resources under the leadership of leading enterprises, he can go to the community to find the oil carpenters under construction, and seize the opportunity to invite them to the order meeting through preliminary communication in the early stage

the number of oilers participating in each meeting should be controlled within people, the proportion of new oilers must reach more than 50%, the proportion of oilers must account for about 10%, and the participants should control about people, and the ideological work should be done one by one. If the number of participants is too large, it is easy to get cold feet in the ordering and payment of deposits

4. Before the dealer carries out the order meeting, it is best to have a certain hardware strength, the display area of the store should be large, the image of the store should be good, and the terminal should be vivid. Without a good store image, we cannot give the oil workers the foundation of trust, nor can we give consumers the trust to buy products. A good image of the store also helps the oil workers to recommend their products to consumers, playing a role of door-to-door

in the early stage, we can arrange interested distributors or customers to visit the brand flagship store to enhance their confidence, so as to increase the order amount of customers

5. Early market research:

① how many woodworking resources are there in the area where the order meeting is to be held, and what are the characteristics? What kind of reward do you like

② what is the position of the dealer's existing oilwood resources in this market? How many people are there in the core oil carpenter resources and oil foreman resources? What is the proportion? How influential is it

③ what is the customer relationship between the dealer and its subordinate business team and the oiler? This is related to the strength of the cooperation and support of the oiler to the order meeting

for example, in terms of paying the deposit, many oil workers opposed to collecting the deposit, which led to a lot of communication work for the salesperson before the meeting. If the dealers and their subordinate business teams have a good relationship with the oil workers, this problem can be effectively solved

6. Reward policy: formulated according to the results of market research. The author suggests that the rebate ratio of each grade should be higher than that of the previous grade. The higher the amount of signing, the greater the reward range should be set, so as to be attractive to oil workers

the reward policy and its reward gifts must be clearly reflected in the order agreement. Print the order agreement and activity plan for distribution before and during the meeting

after the oil workers complete the signed sales volume, in order to enable the oil workers to use their own products for a long time, the manufacturer should give periodic additional rewards after the oil workers' order amount reaches a certain level

7. Communication before the meeting: before the meeting, the dealer's business team should do a good job of early communication with each oiler. It's best to take orders no less than half of the participants before the order meeting, so that the atmosphere can be promoted at the scene of the order meeting. And inform the oil workers that there is a charge for participating in the order meeting. The author suggests setting the amount between, but everyone has gifts. (some daily necessities can be selected as gifts, such as edible oil, shampoo, shower gel set products, a box of milk, etc.)

it is not recommended to charge cash for the fees of the conference. It is recommended to cooperate with product promotion, such as buying several designated products for free tickets. At that time, in order to thank the oil workers who ordered on site, the manufacturer also specially set up a lottery for them

8. Atmosphere building and material preparation of the venue: in the early stage, a bill of materials can be made, such as theme backboard, signboards for admission to the venue, conference theme banners, elabo, podium, projector, projection screen, x-display stand, reception table, sign in table, microphone, sound equipment, laptop, product publicity materials, balloons, paper, pens, drinking water, cameras, etc. (the podium, projector, projection screen, reception table, microphone, sound equipment, paper and pen can be provided by the hotel)

the venue should be arranged with posters, ktboards, exhibition shelves, etc. as much as possible, and gifts should be stacked in a prominent position in the venue to create an atmosphere

9. Seating arrangement: dealers, distributors and the boss of decoration companies are arranged closest to the podium. The core oiler and other oilers cross sit in order to infect other oilers in the ordering process. Try to arrange a salesperson at each table, and the salesperson will guide the order with words in the middle

II. The progress stage of the order meeting:

1. Welcome outside the venue: before the meeting, sign in and welcome personnel should be arranged outside the venue, guide the attendees to sign in, enter and sit down, and pay attention to effectively filtering irrelevant personnel

2. Early publicity: the manufacturer's representative introduces the products, market planning, product series and on-site demonstration of product effects, while the dealer focuses on the promotion and relevant incentive policies of this order meeting

3. Interactive entertainment: before the on-site order placing, the atmosphere of the venue can be warmed up by means of lottery, prize winning Q & A, entertainment programs, etc. The dealers had better participate in the interactive program in person

4. On site order placing link: in the order placing link, we should make full use of the orders confirmed before the meeting to stimulate the on-site atmosphere. The on-site host will announce each order in the form of singing, and the documentary staff will immediately use the on-site atmosphere to urge the order. The announcement of the terminal order confirmed before the meeting should pay attention to the rhythm and be announced in time in the early stage of the meeting or in the cold

5. Differentiated service items: many paint brands' orders will use rebates and rewards as a means to attract painters, and most of them lack a real and effective way to unite painters

dealers can announce at the meeting what additional services they can enjoy as long as they are oil workers who cooperate with us. (for example, you can enjoy a corresponding proportion of health subsidies at what price you buy paint. You can buy products to provide free services such as airless spraying, masking, dust-free polishing, and how often you organize a health examination on average.

the author has even seen some dealers promise at the order meeting that when the sales volume reaches a certain amount, the dealers sponsor the oilers to open distribution stores.)

III. follow up later: how to convert the order quantity into sales volume

1. After the meeting, we should keep visiting the terminals, track and replenish the terminals with good sales, and assist the terminals with poor sales to take other measures to improve sales

2. Register the oil workers who use paint products for the first time. The company mainly focuses on epoxy resin and finds out their birthdays, native places, etc

3. The oiler who has signed the order should follow up in time. Don't think that if you place the order, you can rest easy. Help the oiler to realize the transformation from order quantity to sales volume. (for example, directly undertake projects for oilers. Advertise and display model houses in the community to help oilers promote products.)

4. Don't give up the oil workers who didn't place the order, find out the reason why they didn't sign, and persuade them to sign the order

5. Don't ignore customers who place small orders, and strive to turn small orders into large orders

6. After the meeting, assist the dealers to adjust the goods at the terminals with unsalable goods in the later stage, and give appropriate promotional policies to avoid a large number of returns

7. Be prepared to answer some thorny questions that the oil workers may raise at the meeting. (for example, some oil workers may raise issues such as expensive products, no popularity, poor promotion, and consumers' non acceptance. Dealers should have a clear idea in advance.)

after the order meeting, converting the order quantity into sales volume is the problem that coating enterprises should really think about. This fulfills the sentence that true marketing is after product sales

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