How to identify fake imported bearings

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How to identify fake imported bearings

according to the inspection of bearings in the market, at present, there are eight main fraud means in Bearing Distribution: manufacturing bearings with iron and carbon steel (hardness is not enough) and repairing waste bearings (accuracy is not enough); The inferior bearings and small factory bearings are marked with the trademarks of big factories, and the inner and outer packaging and certificate of conformity of famous big factory products are counterfeited; Fake the users, dealers, agents of famous manufacturers, and even the spot sales department of fake manufacturers; Fake defective bearings as genuine bearings; Type ordinary grade bearings into grade D bearings; Good goods are mixed with fakes; Fake goods are sold at the genuine price, genuine goods are sold at the d-level price, and fake price books are used; If you want cheap goods, give fake ones, and if you want good quality, give real ones

quality supervision experts remind consumers that when purchasing qualified bearings, they should first observe whether the outer packaging is clear. Most genuine products use steel printing technology, and they are pressed before being treated by high overheating in the inventory of some manufacturers. Therefore, although the font is small, it is deeply concave and very clear. The fonts of counterfeit products are blurred, floating on the surface, and some of them can even be erased by hand. Secondly, check whether there are muddy oil stains on the surface. If the antirust technology is not perfect, it is easy to leave thick oil stains, which are sticky in your hand. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the selection of products with uniform chamfer and no noise during rotation

how to buy reassuring bearing products

1. Directly find the manufacturer to buy. Bearings and related products produced domestically can be purchased directly from manufacturers; Foreign brands can contact their agencies in China

2. Purchase from reputable agents and sales companies of enterprises. Large domestic enterprises generally have their own sales branches in various places, and generally the branches of these enterprises will not sell fake goods; Foreign well-known brands generally have their own designated agents in China. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the merchant has an agent certificate

3. Don't be greedy for cheap. Buy cheap bearings from some businesses without qualification certification. Bearing production has costs, and bearing prices are determined by costs. The products of well-known enterprises have strict control over raw materials and production processes in the production process, which not only ensures the quality of their products, but also increases the cost accordingly, so the market price will not be very low

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fake bearings

· the appearance is the same as the real one, but I don't know whether its bearing capacity, limit speed, etc. are consistent with the purpose

· to reduce 9 Controller: touch screen PLC controls the manufacturing cost and has no requirements for accuracy

· in order to reduce the price, low-quality bearing steel materials are used

· the packaging and transportation processing methods are not standardized, which has a negative impact on the accuracy of bearing products

· regular agents generally do not have any advertising, while fake companies do the opposite

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