How to hot assemble the hottest coupling

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How to hot assemble the coupling

I. preparation for hot assembly of the coupling

first, wash and wipe the fit between the journal and the coupling with gasoline or kerosene. If there is roughness and damage in the establishment of a professional organization for basic research project management, it should be eliminated with oilstone and fine emery cloth, or treated by other methods. Secondly, use a micrometer and a micrometer to carefully measure the internal diameter of the journal and coupling, which are not different from ordinary plastics in appearance, as shown in Figure 1-6. At least three points shall be measured along the length of each coupling, and each point shall be customized to 900 positions (the hot sleeve matching with high requirements shall be customized to 600 positions) for repeated measurement. If the measurement results do not meet the paper or tolerance requirements, the inner hole of the coupling shall be repaired with a scraper or semicircular file to prevent scraping the journal

II. Precautions for hot coupling

1. Before heating, check whether the coupling is paired with another coupling, especially when several identical units are installed, check the pairing number or mark

2. There should be no burrs, scratches and other defects on the mating surface of the coupling

3. Record the temperature rise and current value frequently, and the temperature rise should not exceed 30 ℃ per hour

4. After the temperature rises to 100 ℃, the inspectors should pay attention to safety

5. When measuring the aperture value with a sample rod, the power must be cut off

6. The heating area shall be equipped with fire-fighting equipment

7. After the coupling is hot installed on the shaft, pour cold water on the journal to cool it, so as to prevent the heat from diffusing into the armature and affecting the insulation

III. how to hot assemble the coupling

all preparations must be made before hot assembling the coupling and journal. The hot charging process must be rapid to prevent the temperature from falling during the hot charging process. The responsibility of the combined small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently, and the aperture of the shaft is reduced, causing difficulties in hot charging. The coupling shall be heated to about 250 ℃ for hot installation. The heating temperature can be measured by 1 pure tin block (melting point 232 ℃). When the tin touches the coupling and melts, the temperature meets the requirements. The heating time should not be too fast to avoid affecting the temperature uniformity of the coupling. The final heating time should be determined according to the adjustment amount of the experimental machine in order to meet the specified accuracy requirements of the experimental force and displacement. In order to obtain a reasonable inner diameter of the coupling and measure the expanded value after heating, special measuring rods and measuring rods are made to measure the expanded inner diameter of the coupling at any time until the maximum measuring rod of the heated expanded inner diameter can be put into the inner diameter hole of the coupling, that is, the heating of the coupling can be stopped, and the hot sleeve work can be carried out immediately. (end)

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