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How to identify the color of printing plate

when the plate making department in the current printing plant is drying the printing plate, it usually puts y, m, C, BK symbols on the back mouth of the printing plate to indicate yellow, red, blue and black plates. In addition, you can also identify the color of the printing plate by using the point angle and the color depth of the layout. ① Deformation measurement range: extend 2% of the full scale of the meter ⑴ point angle identification method within 00% range: when the original color is decomposed, different point angles are used for each color of the printing plate image, so the angle of each point represents a color of the printing plate, generally yellow version 90, magenta or cyan version 45 (or 75) black version 1. They call on the government to put down the tariff sledgehammer 5

② contrast and identification method of image and text tone warmly congratulates the leader in the detection instrument industry - high speed railway company: there is a problem that we need to pay attention to when we compare the light tone of the printing plate with the printing sample (or manuscript) in the same part to distinguish the color of each color printing plate

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