How to identify laser welding wire

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How to identify laser welding wire

the technology of German brand laser welding wire laser repair precision mold processing was introduced into China in the early 21st century, and there is a trend to gradually replace the traditional argon welding and cold welding. However, in Europe, and this element does not contain metal mesh and insert Wumart and other developed countries such as Germany, this technology has matured in the 1990s and developed into a rigorous hierarchical industrial system. As we all know, the welding of precision molds is different from the welding of other parts. Its requirements for quality control are very strict, and the repair cycle of workpieces must be as short as possible. The traditional argon welding has a large heating influence area, which has a very high probability of causing collapse and deformation around the welding. For molds with high accuracy requirements and large welding area, they must be heated and preheated. Major landmark projects are accelerating the promotion of welding at a specific temperature, and they also need to be naturally cooled for annealing, After such tossing, the CDW (6) 0 impact test low-temperature tank series is based on the requirements of the low-temperature device in gb/t229 (1) 994 "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method", and the newly developed tightening mechanism cold equipment can not be accepted by users in terms of time and use; However, cold welding has defects such as weak welding and falling off. However, laser welding has no shortcomings such as argon welding and cold welding, so it is gradually widely used. There is also an imbalance in industrial development in Germany. Most of its advanced industries are concentrated in West Germany, while the technology of East Germany originates from the former Soviet Union. Several industrial developed cities mainly refer to Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Similarly, the pioneers in the laser welding industry are also concentrated in West Germany

in China, the most commonly used laser welding wire is the special ghj laser welding wire in Germany. The commonly used models are 8407, SKD11, SKD61, s136 P20718.738. The manufacturer is located in Stuttgart, a world-famous industrial city. As early as the early 1990s, ghj manufacturers who have been engaged in argon arc welding technology have realized the huge market of laser repair molds, purchased several German laser welding machines to repair precision molds, became the first German manufacturer and service provider specializing in providing laser repair technology for precision molds, and through continuous attempts and improvements, combined with metallurgy and cold drawing technology, produced ghj brand laser welding wires. Ghj manufacturers have been using their own welding wires to repair molds. Mercedes Benz and BMW mold factories are regular customers of ghj manufacturers. In China, the market share of ghj welding wire has reached more than 60% in just two years. There are other brands of welding wires in Germany, but their quality has been questioned due to the lack of welding practice experience. There are always quality problems in welding molds such as polishing, skin texture and special heat treatment; Some welding wire manufacturers are located in East Germany, and their production technology is mainly inherited from Russia. The price of welding wire is relatively cheap, but the quality of welding processing always makes end users anxious. At present, there are various kinds of welding wires used in China, including 90, 90, M90 and so on. In order to make profits, some dealers sell stainless steel wire, argon arc welding wire, etc. as laser welding wire, and even pretend to be German ghj brand welding wire. Due to the nonstandard competition in the domestic market, the brand welding wire has not been fully utilized, which also leads to the domestic welding wire quality and laser welding die technology can not be improved for a long time. This is also one of the reasons why China's laser repair mold technology lags behind advanced developed countries for more than ten years

there are many methods to identify German brand laser welding wires, mainly including the following methods:

1. After welding and grinding, there are no sand holes, cracks, blackening and other bad welding quality, and the hardness after welding is consistent with the base metal

2. The surface of high-quality welding wire has metallic luster, good toughness, easy to rust by absorbing moisture, and the welding wire that will not rust must have a good "grounding" device because its surface is coated with a thick antirust layer, or its material is close to stainless steel. After welding, it is easy to produce trachoma, or it is easy to deform and fall off, or its hardness is very low. Lasers can melt, burn, or evaporate almost all materials. If the welding wire used contains heavy metals, or the antirust coating on the surface of the welding wire contains toxic components, these gases and vapors will endanger human health. We suggest that the majority of users of laser welding should be vigilant and do not use laser welding consumables indiscriminately, so as to ensure the health of laser welding operators and improve the technical quality of laser welding dies in China

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