How to identify the quality of large-scale pneumat

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How to identify the quality of large-scale pneumatic extruder

1. Whether the manufacturer has the production conditions, production equipment, design and manufacturing capacity at the same time, whether it can provide the test report of the relevant national departments of the equipment, and the documents of the manufacturer's zinanfang Daily reporter xieqingyu, Huang Yingchuan intern Fang can, these are the necessary procedures for your inspection

2. Whether the expansion tank body, including the tank body ears, is cast at one time, which does not meet the needs of the electronic information field, and the safety of one-time molten steel casting cannot be guaranteed; If you use iron plate welding, there is no safety at all, and you can't puff wheat and other high-pressure materials for a long time

3. The shock absorption system of extruder is very important In order to cut corners, some manufacturers do not make shock-absorbing guiding devices under the equipment, which cannot protect the host and its components

4. What is the content and time of after-sales service promised by the manufacturer? If the business license and the identity of the person in charge of the company cannot be provided, the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed

5. Whether the equipment has been used and applied by large manufacturers is easy to sell one or two, but it is the key to check whether there is quality assurance that it can be purchased in batch. Our company has many large manufacturers who purchase in batches and have been using them. For example, if the standard of Hunan Changsha Wenshi Weiwei food factory is changed once, 20 of them are Hunan Yalin, Changsha Yongwang food, Jilin Xianda food, and about 6 of them are Hunan Xiangju, Sanjie, Yulan, Jianwang, Qiqihar Ruisheng, don't lose, Jiangsu Liangfeng group, Hunan laofuzi, Henan Xiangbei, etc

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