Most popular Carlsberg launched paper beer bottles

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Carlsberg launched paper beer bottles: made of wood fiber, 100% recyclable

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Danish brewing group Carlsberg announced the manufacture of the first paper beer bottle, which is a big step forward in the research and development of building the world's first 100% bio based, fully recyclable and sustainable paper beer bottle, because PGA has suitable degradability, good initial mechanical properties and biological activity

the two wine bottle models shown by Carlsberg are made of wood fibers from sustainable sources, which can be completely recycled. There is a diaphragm inside, which can prevent beer leakage

one model uses a thin regenerated PET polymer film diaphragm, and the other model uses a 100% bio based PEF polymer film diaphragm. Carlsberg is looking for a solution to produce polymer free 100% bio based bottles

these developments are the results of Carlsberg's efforts in sustainable packaging innovation, and they are also an important part of Carlsberg's sustainable development plan of "moving towards zero goal together". 3. Effectively reducing experimental costs. This strategic plan promises to achieve the goal of zero carbon emission of Carlsberg distillery and reduce the carbon footprint of the whole value chain by 30% by 2030

in 2015, Carlsberg launched the bottle project made of wood fiber from sustainable sources, namely "green fiber bottle". In addition, together with Coca Cola and L'Oreal, it has joined the paper bottle community, which is complementary to improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution, in order to promote sustainable packaging and reduce the impact on the environment

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