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BYD: "going new" injects new strength into China's auto industry

recently, the 18th Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition with the theme of "creating a better life" opened in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). BYD Motor Co., Ltd. exhibited a total of 23 exhibition cars in hall 8.2 with the new energy concept car E-seed GT, the new models of song pro and E series launched worldwide, and the latest products of Dynasty Series released at the spring new product launch

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at this exhibition, the number of new cars on display in bidia accounted for more than 90%, showing that under the BNA car building architecture, relying on the full engine and full power intelligent manufacturing platform and new energy platforms including DM3 technology and E platform technology

represents that BYD's new energy concept vehicle E-seed GT adopts the "EV dragon face" design language developed based on the "dragon face" design language. The designer created a new design for this "EV dragon face", endowing the "dragon beard" shape with new functions, transforming it from pure decoration to daytime running lights to improve visual effects, and integrating the brand DNA with the sense of technology; At the same time, combined with the product characteristics of pure electric vehicles without large-area air intake, the "dragon mouth" design is extended to both sides to form a holistic front lip shape, which can enhance the visual width and increase the downforce at the same time

song Pro is the first SUV built by BYD based on BMP medium-sized luxury car platform under the BNA car building architecture. It is understood that the height strength steel of song Pro car accounts for 73%, and the compressive strength of the whole car reaches 8 tons; In terms of handling, the vehicle passes desihao 18 Display mode: digital display or microcomputer screen display, vehicle level chassis adjustment, smoother and more comfortable operation

in addition, the new generation of Tang family, Qin pro, which has carried out a four-level automatic driving experiment to make the oil cylinder fall back, as well as song max, yuan family new yuan ev535 and other models also show the strong market competitiveness of BYD Dynasty series products. The E-Series products based on the latest BNA car building architecture and e-platform aim to "reconstruct the pure electric travel standard", "establish the pure electric travel ecology", "define the pure electric travel experience", and bring consumers "high intelligence, high quality and more outstanding pure electric vehicles"

e1 is positioned as a "pure electric intelligent terminal". Through the comprehensive empowerment of BNA, E platform and dilink intelligent connection system, it can charge as low as 5 cents per kilometer, charge for 12 minutes, and have a maximum endurance of 100 kilometers. It newly defines a small pure electric intelligent platform

as the first SUV of e-series, S2 is positioned as "all-round intelligent pure electric SUV", which is also built based on BYD's new e-platform. Under comprehensive conditions, the endurance is 305 kilometers, and the battery life is increased by 100 kilometers after charging for 15 minutes. Combined with the leapfrog dilink intelligent connection system, it will create a high "Pinzhi" standard of global brands. As the E-Series "new Pinzhi pure electric crossover car", E2 originates from the fashionable design concept of star sky, and is equipped with three electric core technology, fashion trend design, and intelligent technology configuration to meet the needs of young consumers who pursue a sense of fashion and technology

Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD automobile, said that in the future, it will continue to deepen the research and development of parts technology and marketization, and improve the layout of sales channels. In order to welcome the arrival of full electrification, BYD has formulated a series of strategies and made adequate preparations. New technologies, new products and new international teams are committed to injecting new strength into China's automotive industry. (Huang Saihong)

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