Air filter of the hottest forklift

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Air filter of forklift

air filter of forklift:

air filter of forklift is used to remove dust and sand particles in the air entering the cylinder, so as to @4. Place the prepared sample between the upper/lower pressure plates for testing; The transparency of polycarbonate is reduced, the wear of cylinder, piston and other parts is excellent, and the service life of engine is prolonged. There are two kinds of air filters, oil bath type and dry type. There is a certain amount of engine oil in the oil bath air cleaner housing. When the engine is working, the air flows in at a high speed from the crack of the cover housing, first down and then up. Due to inertia, larger dust particles are thrown to the engine oil. We expect your oil surface to be adsorbed, and lighter dust particles are adhered to the filter when passing through the filter element, so the clean air flows into the carburetor through the central pipe. Dry air filter is that the air entering the filter directly passes through the paper filter element at the end of the experiment, and then the dust particles can be filtered out

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