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Cambridge University uses Emerson data center solutions to improve efficiency

Cambridge University uses Emerson data center solutions to improve efficiency

-- Emerson helps Cambridge University achieve one to many remote control, saving energy costs by 40%

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Emerson Network energy, Emerson's brands, availability of key infrastructure As a global leader in maximizing capacity and efficiency, it was selected by the largest and most prestigious university of Cambridge in the UK in December 2013, which can use thermoplastic and hot joint processes to improve its operational efficiency

due to the scattered characteristics of colleges, a total of 120 colleges of Cambridge University have adopted 200 independently managed computer rooms to meet the data needs of teachers and students, resulting in energy inefficiency. For colleges with a large amount of data, including sensitive research materials, internal records and financial information, advanced data storage capacity is therefore crucial

through this data center infrastructure upgrade, we expect to reduce carbon emissions by 30% and save it energy consumption costs by nearly 40%. Ian Tasker, manager of the data center of the University of Cambridge, said that this is equivalent to a significant reduction in our traditional pue (from the existing 1. to less than 1.2)

the research team of the university is also facing the demand for efficient computing, which requires a large amount of power to support the efficient operation of data. To meet these challenges, Cambridge University hopes to establish a parallel centralized data storage hub to improve service efficiency and solve energy efficiency problems. At the same time, we also want to enhance the visibility of it and infrastructure processes for better comprehensive management

after a series of evaluations, Cambridge University chose Emerson's series of products, including high-power module trinergy uninterruptible power supply (UPS), additional premier warranty service protocol and life remote diagnosis and preventive monitoring services, as well as racks, mph2 rack power distribution units, and Emerson's world-class data center infrastructure management system trellis platform. Through the application of trellis platform, Cambridge University can realize real-time observation of power supply, thermal management and it facilities, so as to help them manage capacity and improve efficiency. The new data center hub is divided into three separate halls, which can accommodate about 300 racks, and is supported by redundant ups and generators

we have deployed dynamic solutions in the existing data center ecosystem of Cambridge University, which not only reduces the number of computer rooms, but also enhances the visibility of the whole operation process. Steve Hass, President of Emerson energy data center solutions, said that the global market will reach $37.1 billion in 2017. Sell said that by combining intelligent energy efficiency products with the real-time observation and analysis functions of trellis platform, the school can make correct decisions and significantly reduce energy consumption

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