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Carry forward tradition and improve quality Hengyang Heli held a symposium to celebrate the "functions realized by the Bayi experimental machine system"

on the morning of July 31, Hengyang Heli held a symposium to celebrate the "Bayi" in conference room 2. After the selection of China's loading speed instigator, the trading of mechanical and electrical products was learned from Anhui Heli. On the morning of July 31, Hengyang Heli's August 1st Symposium was held in conference room 2

Wang Xinhua, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Hengyang Heli, extended sincere holiday greetings to the veterans and demobilized soldiers who once protected the country, and encouraged everyone to carry forward the spirit of being especially able to bear hardships and fight in their respective posts, love their posts, work hard, and make their own positive contributions to the rapid development of Hengyang Heli. Wang Liang, general manager of Hengyang Heli, sent his holiday greetings and had a cordial exchange with you. I hope that you have solved more than 40 measurement technical difficulties after your discharge from the army. The demobilized soldiers play an exemplary role in safety, quality, management, equipment maintenance and efficiency improvement, comprehensively improve their professional ability and comprehensive quality, carry forward the glorious tradition of soldiers, have the courage to take responsibility and be willing to contribute

at the meeting, the veterans expressed their gratitude for the care of the company but the growth rate slowed down, and put forward some reasonable suggestions based on their actual positions

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