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Zhongwang cad2007 professional edition product introduction

the annual new edition of Zhongwang CAD has increased by 53.6% and 53.3% year-on-year respectively, which is the focus of attention of the entire domestic CAD market, especially in 2007

on March 26th, 2007, Zhongwang Longteng's 2007 new work, Zhongwang cad2007, was finally grandly launched in the expectation of the majority of users. With "super compatibility and perfect printing" as the main highlight, Zhongwang cad2007 has raised a new technical storm in the domestic CAD market

compared with the previous version, Zhongwang CAD added 22 new functions, and the overall drawing speed increased by 18%. Zhongwang cad2007 inherits and further develops all the features of Zhongwang cad2006. The new version not only supports the current highest version format dwg2007, but also further improves the speed of inserting files; At the same time, new practical functions such as publish, mledit, filling and cutting, which many users are looking forward to; In addition, the overall interactive interface provides a variety of style customization, which makes it feel cleaner and more comfortable to use

I. performance improvement

1. Add support for DWG 2007 file format

add support for dwg2007 format, which is stable and compatible with all versions of autocad2.5~2007. Dwg2007 format can be directly opened, modified and saved to realize cross operation with AutoCAD without format conversion. Communication is smoother and more convenient

2. The new user interaction interface increases the overall ease of use

the whole adopts a fresh and concise XP style interface. File icons, shortcut icons, dialog style, etc. have been carefully designed, and all interactive interfaces are more friendly. At the same time, the multi document label function is added to make the operation more concise

3. Support Vista operating system and theme style customization

the new addition to Microsoft is due to its direct attack on the two pain points of the development of the new energy vehicle industry: endurance mileage and battery fast charging. The support of the new generation operating system Vista meets the different needs of more users, and the overall interface is cleaner and more powerful. At the same time, it supports theme style customization, which makes your CAD more in line with your habits

4. Comprehensively improve the operation speed of inserting files

the new insert mechanism, especially for a large number of objects inserted dispersedly, comprehensively improve the calculation and insertion speed, and improve user efficiency

5. Add print style setting function

add pairs CTB print style support facilitates the management of print information, and can set the object drawing color, linetype, lineweight and other attributes, which is more compatible with other print style software, and further facilitates the interaction of designers

6. Add EP to strengthen steel structure processing s virtual printing

add virtual printing that supports EPS, and you can print documents into EPS files by printing. It is convenient for users to generate EPS files after setting lineweight, color and area

7. Modify the hidden and shaded display, and increase the shadow effect

further modify the display effect of hidden and shaded, accurately calculate and eliminate hidden lines, and use the shading method with borders to shade the entity. The shaded object has a shadow effect, which is vivid and clear

8. Modify the printing effect of blanking

correct the drawing effect after blanking, accurately calculate the current position of the solid surface and implement blanking. The printed effect is more concise and realistic, and the design is clearer

9. Further improvement of vba/lisp interface

through continuous improvement and modification, it has been verified by a large number of user examples, and the vba/lisp interface has better compatibility. The bending strength is further protected, and the previous labor achievements of users are improved

10. Improve 3D entity commands and strengthen 3D modeling functions

further improve the functional realization of all commands of 3D entities and strengthen the modeling function of 3D entities. It provides more powerful functions for users who often use 3D jobs

11 improve the user help system

further increase the ease of use of the software, and add dozens of teaching movies to the help system to help users use the help system faster, more convenient and easier to learn by themselves or eliminate doubts

2. New functions

1. Add Publishing function

with the new publishing (batch printing), you can publish the DWG or PLT sheet set selected by the user at one time. It can be combined, reordered, renamed, copied and saved. Drawing sets can be published to DWF files or sent to plotters specified in the page setup. It is convenient for designers to manage and plot the drawing set, and greatly improves the simplicity and efficiency of operation

2. Add PLT file batch printing (pltplot) function

the newly added pltplot can batch print multiple PLT files at one time, set the number of prints, and save the list of currently printed files as a drawing set. It is convenient for users to manage the printing atlas paper and greatly shortens the time of printing large quantities of documents

3. Add support for object capture in viewports

further improve the capture function, which can directly capture objects in inactive viewports in paper space

4. Add multi line (mledit) function

add multi line tool, which is used for fast multi line connection. It provides methods such as control intersection, T-shaped intersection, corner combination and vertex, cutting or joint, and can intelligently process the intersection of multi lines. It saves users' time and facilitates the use of multiple lines

5. Add the function of model space multi viewports

the reconstructed model space multi viewports are more in line with the design concept, and the dialog interface is adopted, which is more concise and more powerful. The convenient management of WYSIWYG standard viewports and named viewports makes it easier to use viewports

6. Add filling and cutting support

add cutting support for filled objects. You can directly use the trim command to quickly trim filled objects without refilling, which greatly shortens the time for designers to fill objects

7. Enhanced trim function

add support for window crossing, column selection and other methods. You can select the object to be trimmed by selecting column or window box selection, which enhances the simplicity of operation and improves the efficiency of trimming

8. Modify the multiline text device to support multi language input, and comprehensively improve the operation interface

improve the support of multiline text for multi language input. For cross language collaborative design drawings, the text objects in the drawings can be displayed in multiple languages at the same time, which greatly facilitates the smooth interaction between drawings in different countries. At the same time, the operation interface is improved, and the interface is more friendly and beautiful

9. Add proxy object decomposition and

add the decomposition of proxy objects established by other applications, which can be carried out directly after decomposition. Enhance the compatibility with other applications and facilitate the interaction between users

10. Automatic recovery

the new automatic recovery function can automatically recover the contents that have not been saved after the machine is shut down due to unforeseen factors such as sudden power failure, illegal end of software, and machine crash, so as to maximize the protection of the design results under emergencies. (end)

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