Wuhan Decoration 70 square meters decoration budge

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Nowadays, the house price in Wuhan is rising faster and faster, which makes people sigh at the house, and small houses often become the first choice for many young people who are just starting. After buying a house, the next problem is decoration. Of course, most people are first exposed to decoration, and they lack understanding of decoration. The editor of Wuhan home decoration network suggests that it is particularly important to formulate the corresponding decoration budget in advance. Next, take small houses as an example to see how Wuhan 70 square meters decoration budget table is

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[Wuhan 70 square meters decoration budget list]

[70 square meters American style decoration effect drawing is as follows]

[Wuhan 70 square meters decoration budget list details]

Project 1: basic engineering

shoveling the wall (gypsum ash) 780.00

wall blank base treatment 390.00

wall/ground cement mortar leveling 120.00

sealing 240.00

door.Sleeve base (Blockboard) 350.00

remove the brick wall (120mm) 122.50

paint the hole, beam bottom and other parts after removing the wall 210.00

cabinet back sealing cement board 385.00

remove the floating window 261.60





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