The fatal crisis in the hottest details

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The fatal crisis in the details

the scope of the experiment is large. The old saying: a thousand mile levee will collapse in an ant cave. It says that a thousand mile levee may collapse in a small ant cave if it can't take precautions. For the company, the whole operation system of the company is like a levee. If we do not have insight and face it squarely, many details may also affect the whole body, or make the existence of problems evolve gradually and embark on the track from quantitative change to qualitative change. In fact, in the whole operation system, a number of details about the leadership of small and medium-sized companies need special attention—— Based on the actual case of S company, I hope to give warning and Enlightenment to the managers of other companies

case subject: Shandong XX Advertising Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "s company")

background introduction: s company is an advertising company in Jinan that integrates advertising creativity, advertising design and advertising production. It was established in March, 1999. After more than four years of operation and development, the company has achieved good results by may, 2003, At the beginning of 2003, it became the bidding advertising company of North China Business Department of H group, a famous domestic household appliance enterprise. In the same year, according to the development needs of S company, its former legal representative, Manager z, registered a new advertising company in Beijing and began the business development of Beijing market. S company was entrusted to its lover, manager s, to run and manage it. However, with manager s taking over, s company went from bad to worse in the subsequent business process. As a result, on the one hand, employees in all departments of S company were very dissatisfied with their work and the company, and several important employees even wanted to leave first; On the other hand, three advertising material suppliers have also tried to terminate business cooperation with s company for several times. Recently, manager s has a headache that the North China business division of H group has suspended all businesses of S company

problem analysis: it can be said that the above difficulties are not the fault of S company's development planning and operation strategy. Of course, it is not the intention of the material supply unit to make difficulties, and the employees of S company also have a certain level of operation. However, what is the reason for such a crisis—— Manager s's grasp and handling of several details in the operation process and his lack of understanding of his own example are the fatal factors that affect the sound development of company s, also known as the power of details

detail performance

performance 1: "thrifty" diet "

s company has a strong covering lunch at noon every day, 2 yuan standard, simple steamed bread and simple dishes. A family workshop near s company provides. In fact, not to mention how difficult it is to swallow the 2 yuan standard lunch of S company, one of the problems is that employees seldom get a meal before 12:40 p.m. every day, and there are too few meals and vegetables to fill their hunger. As a result, employees of S company often rush out to buy some takeaway food at about 4:30 p.m. to supplement it. Although the company's employees have reported this to manager s for many times, manager s always turns a deaf ear to it in order to maximize the company's expenses. Even on one occasion, after counting the number of people, little y of the company's production department ordered an extra meal of 2 yuan for a 3 (5) layer film composite extrusion production line, which was subject to the size of the extruder and the design of the mold. Unexpectedly, manager s put on the hat of "waste" in front of everyone in the company after he came back

tips for details: expenditure is reasonable. Do not strike or shake employees' confidence in the company on the most basic needs of employees. Please be kind to the company's employees, and start from the most basic needs of the company's employees

performance 2: a small matter in decoration

s company has moved from place a to place B. in the decoration process of the new company, the small D and small g of the company were a little higher than manager s because they pasted several image words of the company. They were very unhappy after checking them. Then they severely criticized them and said, "why can't you do such a small thing? What else can you do?" Yunyun, 20 minutes later, he said, "I don't care, you must paste it for me!", Then he left in anger. It was already late to get off work. I didn't expect that the office area of several employees had a surprisingly dignified atmosphere

tips on details: it can be said that such bosses and managers are not uncommon around us and at work. Even if employees' work deviates, some people prefer to spend 20 minutes on worthless and useless work. The key to the problem is that such words and attitudes will seriously undermine the enthusiasm of employees, Even people have to doubt your basic respect for employees

performance 3: appointment of settlement and appointment meeting

f company is the supplier of advertising production raw materials of S company. According to the agreement, both parties shall make a settlement before the 30th of each month. It was supposed to be settled before September 30. At the request of S company for a half month due to its temporary capital turnover difficulties, the business representative of F company arrived at s company at 9:30 a.m. as agreed on October 15. When the time was 10:15, manager s came to the company slowly. However, she ignored the arrival of the business representative of company F and detoured through an isolation room to go straight to her office. The business representative got up and followed up: "Hello, manager s, we originally agreed to meet at 9:30. Do you think it is convenient for you to check the materials of last month and then make a settlement?" "Don't you see I'm busy?" Manager s turned back and said, his face pulled long in an instant

details: in the process of further maturity and improvement of market economy and market mechanism, there is still a certain degree of lack of integrity at present. In fact, it also shows that integrity is precious. If you disobey the agreement, or even Miss Fang Yiqiu and Miss Zhu Yun do not have such a basic time at the meeting: Phone: +86 2162895533- 123, 319 Nian, or can not give a reasonable reason, but more recklessly, who do you want to become your long-term and friendly partner

performance 4: e-mail

s company on the mall poster undertook the design and printing tasks of a batch of mall posters of H group. When the design draft was ready to be input into the photo, it suddenly set

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