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Shortcut to multi-color overprint

our factory often uses J2108 machine to print multi-color overprint products such as covers. I am often troubled by problems such as printing, proofreading and overprint. Now I will introduce the shortcut summarized from my work over the years. Pay attention to turning off the main motor source

to receive the task of multi-color overprint. First, when getting the printing plate, use a pencil and ruler to extend the mouth Cross (or center cross) of each plate to the edge of the plate by using the principle of two points forming a line. The first color version shall be printed in the normal order. After the first color is printed, use a ruler and pencil to extend the cross hairs that should be drawn from the central part of the scale in front of the plate to the shoulder iron of the plate cylinder to remove the printed plate (the shoulder iron on both sides must be cleaned to reduce the error). In this way, the single color or multi-color version printed later can be aligned and tensioned according to the total investment in Antwerp between the roller shoulder iron horizontal line from the former and the horizontal Lansheng from the printing plate, which exceeds 300million euros. In this way, the last version saves time and effort, reduces waste, and the overprint of color prints is also accurate. If there is a slight error, micro move the front gauge tooth plate. This method can avoid unnecessary trouble such as pulling out the version when there are many times of proofreading

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