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As a common equipment in the production industry, the heat shrinkable packaging machine is widely used in beverage, food, daily necessities and other industries. Of course, a good heat shrinkable packaging machine also needs daily maintenance to ensure its normal operation. Today, we will quickly teach you how to maintain the heat shrinkable packaging machine

1. Regularly fill the oil injection hole with seat, gear mesh and all moving parts with engine oil for lubrication once a shift

2. When filling the heat shrinkable packaging machine with lubricating oil, which is specially designed for injection molding and extrusion molding in the medical and food industries, do not drop the oil on the drive belt to prevent premature paperless damage or slipping and loss of rotation of the belt; It can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant speed loading and constant speed displacement

3. Operating environment of the heat shrinkable packaging machine: the temperature is within -10 ℃ ~50 ℃, the relative humidity is 85%, and the surrounding air is free of corrosive gas, dust and explosive hazards

4. The equipment must have reliable grounding device during installation

5. Keep the silicone strip and heating strip clean and free of foreign matters, so as not to affect the sealing quality of the equipment

6. The heat shrinkable packaging machine shall be ventilated before being powered on during operation, and shall be powered off before being powered off during shutdown

after so much introduction, I believe you have some knowledge about the maintenance of heat shrinkable packaging machine? For more questions about heat shrinkable packaging machine, please feel free to contact Jinan Xunjie. We will provide you with the best service

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