The fastest growth rate of thermoplastic polyureth

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The growth rate of thermoplastic polyurethane materials is among the highest.

thermoplastic TPU elastomer is made of MDI containing NCO functional group and polyol containing OH functional group, 1.4bg, which are extruded and mixed. Due to its good elasticity, good physical properties and various mechanical strengths, it is widely used in injection, extrusion, calendering and polyurea technology. It was born in the United States in 1986 to be hydrolyzed into solution resin and other processing methods, It is a plastic material often used by plastic processing industry. Its products cover the range of industrial applications and civil necessities

According to a report of ial consultants after long-term development, although thermoplastic polyurethane accounts for less than 5% of the total global production of polyurethane products, in the past few years, due to its wide range of applications, the growth rate of thermoplastic polyurethane materials ranks first in the industry

this report entitled "global overview of thermoplastic polyurethane market" describes TPU production, consumption and end use in various regions of the world. In 2012, the footwear industry was the largest end use field of TPU, accounting for 38% of the total market. At the same time, 1 container was placed at the overflow nozzle, with a consumption of 133015 tons, followed by engineering products (28%), about 111730 tons. Automobile ranks third, accounting for 11% of the total market Ial pointed out that although the economic crisis in 2008/2009 hit the market hard, 2012 was a stable year, and some recoveries in the automotive industry and other industries promoted the growth of total demand

the report added that the TPU market has been relatively mature in western countries, and the eastern countries have a strong growth momentum. Among them, Asia accounts for the highest proportion of global TPU production, with a production of 249250 tons in 2012. This figure accounts for 58% of the global total output of 428360 tons Ial said that China is the world's leading producer and consumer of TPU. The report also points out that Turkish TPU producers are emerging for the first time, although the demand for TPU in the Middle East and Africa is still limited

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