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Methods to quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of taps

there are many tap brands on the market. Due to different materials used, the prices of the same specification also vary a lot, which makes the buyer feel like a fog. I don't know which one to buy. Here are some simple ways to teach you:

when purchasing (except for slotted taps because there is no testing equipment), you can simply test (M6 as an example):

1; Check whether the relief grinding (chamfering) of the thread at the front end of the tap groove is uniform, and whether the cutting edge of the cutting groove has a fast edge. The good ones are positive 7-shaped, and the bad ones are inverted 7-shaped or U-shaped (two cuts will be caused when exiting the tapping, which is easy to break and affects the accuracy of the thread)

2; Check the heat treatment condition: whether the wire drawing cone falls into the air in a parabola (about 5m) and whether it is broken, which indicates that it is brittle

3; Knock off the tap to see that its fracture is inclined long, and the molecular particles (metallographic structure 10.5 \\\\\\\\\\

the quality of the tap mainly depends on its original material, heat treatment, groove type, precision, equipment, rotating speed, processed material, hardness, quality of the operating staff, and so on! When selecting taps, pay special attention to the original material, heat treatment and groove type of taps. For different machining holes, it is recommended to select different types of taps

relatively speaking,

add several points for Jinan tension machine to ensure service quality. From the appearance:

1 Whether there is any blackening, yellowing or burn marks

2 Whether the front corner of the cutting edge is straight, whether there is a negative edge or a bench step

3 Whether the marks are clear and conform to relevant regulations

in addition, the tap shall process different materials, and different machine tools shall distinguish the accuracy and angle of the tap. In addition, other parameters shall be suitable for the requirements of the workpiece

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