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Sansui/Shanshui T9 wireless Bluetooth speaker portable computer plug-in card use evaluation

sansui/Shanshui T9 wireless Bluetooth speaker portable computer plug-in card mini mini small sound subwoofer

Bluetooth speaker dual speakers and dual bass, the following collection and use of friend comments, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

I. how about sansui/Shanshui T9 wireless Bluetooth speaker? Is it easy to use

first use experience: Overall, it plays a driving role in it. It is cost-effective and commendable, but the appearance must have extra points, all five stars! It's a very good thing. I listened to it for three hours after I got it. I listened to all kinds of songs about zigzag experiments on metal materials such as steel plates, ribbed steel, yuan steel, and just welded parts. The performance was very good. This price is worth buying, and it's worth it! Good stuff

re evaluate after using it for a period of time: Please Click to view detailed comments over the years

II Sansui/Shanshui T9 wireless Bluetooth speaker configuration parameters [

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Product Name: sansui/Shanshui T9

power supply method: built-in lithium battery

warranty period: 12 months

function: card voice prompt call function dust prevention

package type: official standard configuration

size: 200x140x218mm

playback duration: 8 hours

whether app is supported: no

manufacturer: Shenzhen Shanshui Hongyang Technology Co., Ltd.

connection method: 3.5mm audio socket USB Bluetooth connected card reader

applicable person Group: General

weight: 790g

Color Classification: White Silver No. 3

shell material: ABS

brand: sansui/Shanshui

model: T9

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