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Santai Beijing Branch entered the Beijing Fortune Center on September 29, 2009. On September 29, 2009, Santai Beijing Branch was completed in the Beijing Fortune Center. The Beijing Fortune Center is located in the core of the CBD, adjacent to Kerry Center and the international trade center in the south, Jingguang Center, the first super high-rise building in Beijing in the north, and the new site of CCTV across the Third Ring Road in the East, which jointly outlines the skyline of Beijing. Many of the world's top 500 enterprises have invested in the capital Beijing, and the area of Guomao Kerry Jingguang will be their first choice. In addition, CCTV's eastward move to CBD will definitely drive more suppliers and customers of the top 500, as well as China's emerging private enterprises and listed companies. In order to seek a broad market and become the main body of the machine, Santai will not mention here how to receive and serve our distinguished guests, and will also build its Beijing Branch into a global focus. The completion of the Beijing Branch in this landmark office building highlights Santai's visionary image, and also breeds an outbreak of Santai's strength after many years of continuation and its determination to seek higher breakthroughs and performance growth points in the future

in the past five years, Santai has achieved amazing growth in China. We have achieved continuous and courageous achievements. After the 2008 Olympic year in China, we stood firmly at the front of the industry and became a new leader in the serial communication industry despite the economic tsunami

Santai's efforts for success in China are obvious to all, and it is done carefully step by step. We have been committed to using Santai's leading core technology to serve China's commercial communication market. Now Santai has received all-round trust and support. You can see Santai's serial card working silently in every corner of your life. It is reflected in every bit of banks, financial markets, convenience stores, cinemas and hospitals: each load can only reach a certain load, shooting Santai's figure, Santai is using its golden quality to convey and interpret its core values and corporate culture to you

in today's economic downturn, Santai has printed the fairy ball pattern on the two-way elastic cloth, which is a firm determination and determination to grow together with China's commercial communication market. After setting up the headquarters in China in the prime location of Shanghai, Santai has boldly positioned the center of the Northeast market in the most luxurious office building in Beijing - "wealth center". Santai is confident that in the near future, Santai Branch will open all over China to provide more high-quality service and support for valued customers across the country. Santai will continue to forge ahead and create a communication brand worthy of your lifelong trust with its core values

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