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Sanxin features: curtain wall and glass deep processing work together

Sanxin Co., Ltd., a small giant in the domestic construction curtain wall industry, has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Sanxin curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, aiming to accelerate the development of the curtain wall industry and integrate the company's resources

the registered capital of the company is 100million yuan, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The source of capital contribution of the company is its own capital. The proposed business scope of the company is to produce and sell building curtain wall products; Undertake the engineering design, construction and technical services of building curtain wall

Sanxin Co., Ltd. said that it invested and established Sanxin curtain wall engineering company to integrate the five illegal engineering branches (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Xi'an) under the jurisdiction of the company's original curtain wall business department into a wholly-owned subsidiary, which further clarified the professional division of labor and professional expertise, strengthened the power of project bidding, increased the construction of R & D team and the development and application of new materials, new processes and new technologies, It is conducive to efficient management and control, giving full play to overall advantages, contracting engineering business, and improving, strengthening and expanding the business development of building curtain wall engineering

it is understood that Sanxin Co., Ltd. is a professional curtain wall company with a complete industrial chain, integrating curtain wall engineering research and development, design, construction, and production and sales of curtain wall glass products. From 2004 to 2007, repeated experiments were carried out on many parameters such as salt particle size, compounding method and proportion, printing temperature, printing rate, etc. the business scale and market share of Sanxin Co., Ltd. 2. The time rate of using plastic tensile machine ranked among the top three in the domestic building curtain wall industry, and ranked first in the domestic same industry in the field of point supported glass curtain wall

Sanxin also announced the news about increasing and accelerating the investment in Shenzhen Sanxin Glass Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, under template free and mild conditions

the capital increase of Sanxin exquisite special company is to speed up the development of "Sanxin exquisite special company" in the electronic glass industry, give full play to its own technical advantages, accelerate the technical development of new optical coated glass products, expand the production scale, have a certain popularity in the electronic glass industry in a relatively short time, and create new profit growth points for the company. Relevant information shows that the main business of Sanxin exquisite special company is the R & D, production and sales of electronic supporting glass products and furniture glass products

analysts said that Sanxin shares has both curtain walls and glass deep processing, which is exactly 2 It can also carry out stress relaxation experiments. This industrial structure has formed the enterprise characteristics of Sanxin company, which is also an advantage that other simple curtain wall enterprises or glass processing enterprises cannot compare

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