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Sanwang communication sincerely invites you to visit the 2015 Shenzhen CPSE Expo

from October 29 to November 1, 2015, the 15th China International Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as CPSE) will be grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Sanwang communication, as the world's leading provider of industrial interconnection solutions and a reliable domestic professional provider of security network communication transmission equipment, will be invited to participate in the exhibition. At that time, Sanwang will make a wonderful appearance with the "skeleton" video monitoring solution of one-stop security assembly continuous fiber and a series of newly developed communication transmission products, so as to create a safe and reliable security communication transmission network for customers

with the development of smart cities and safe cities, the market demand for intelligent security has increased significantly, the security industry has also shown a wave of rapid development, and security video surveillance is also constantly developing in the direction of digitalization and networking. With the theme of "Security +, opening a new era of the main detection scope of smart security material testing machine", this Expo will comprehensively show the intelligent front-end technology and innovative development in the field of security, and lead the development direction of the new era of smart security

in the era of intelligent and networked security, the monitoring system needs a more secure, stable and efficient communication transmission network. As a leading provider of industrial communication equipment and solutions in the world, Sanwang communication has focused on the field of industrial communication for 15 years. Before the arrival of the machine, we will give customers a more detailed technical introduction and provide industrial communication transmission equipment and solutions and high-quality services with leading technology and reliable quality. Its independently developed and produced industrial Ethernet switches, equipment link servers, optical fiber transceivers and other communication products have been widely used in the monitoring systems of intelligent electricity, clean energy, intelligent transportation, rail transit, intelligent prevention and other industries. Sanwang communication hopes to show more reliable network communication transmission products without damage and cracks to customers in the security industry through this security Expo, provide reliable products and technical support for building a stable and efficient security network monitoring system, promote the development of the security industry to intelligent networks, and promote the development and construction of smart cities and safe cities in China

Sanwang communication is well dressed in Shenzhen, looking forward to the visit and exchange of new and old friends

at the same time, more wonderful activities will be arranged for you on site, and we look forward to your participation

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