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Santana and Xiali lead, Santana and Xiali lead, superstar models in the history of China's automobile industry TOP10

Santana and Xiali lead, superstar models in the history of China's automobile industry TOP10

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original title: Santana 176million yuan for the construction project of polypropylene new functional material production line for automobile lightweight, Xiali leads, Top10

a superstar model in the history of China's automobile industry. Not long ago, CCTV 2 had a special program - "40th anniversary of reform and opening up · tribute to China's automobile figures". That program is about Chinese auto characters. You can turn it over and replay it. It's not bad

today we don't talk about people, only cars. In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's automobile industry has made an inventory of the top ten meritorious models, including Santana, Xiali, Jetta and so on. They are not necessarily the best sellers, but they are stars at a specific point in time

the following models are ranked from far to near according to the timeline. (some pictures in the article come from the Internet)

01, "with Santana, you are not afraid to travel all over the world"

people in the 1980s must be familiar with this slogan. From 1983, the first domestic Santana was offline in the form of CKD (full parts assembly) in Shanghai automobile factory, to 1984, the first Santana production line was put into production, and then to 1992, the 100000 Santana cars of Shanghai Volkswagen were offline

Santana is the beginning of China's large-scale modern automobile industry, transforming Chinese cars from hammers to modern industrial production lines; It is also Santana that has made China's modern automobile industry complete the first step of original accumulation, and relevant high-specification upstream and downstream parts manufacturers have grown from scratch

02, Xiali was "popular all over the country"

at that time, Santana and Beijing jeep, which were just popular in China, were more "special vehicles" and high-priced cars. Xiali, which came off the production line in 1986, was the real popular model. With a low price of about 100000 (compared with Santana around 200000), the car dream of many Chinese people was realized. The Xiali improved TJ7100 launched in 1988 has been a great success in the home and taxi markets. The main color red also renders a special landscape that "the motherland can fully meet the various temperature control indicators specified in the national standard gb229-2007, and the earth is red"

please note that Xiali is an out and out Chinese brand. The prototype cars of Xiali car and Tianjin Dafa are both from Japan Dafa car, which are charade car and mini van Hijet 850 respectively. But at that time, Tianjin car was on the path of technology introduction, and the brand was still its own. Tianjin Dafa is the origin of the word "minibus", which is also called "mian" because it is widely used in the taxi industry (taxi), and "taxi" is also called from here

03, Jetta, one of the old three, saved Changchun FAW

Shanghai Volkswagen Santana, FAW Volkswagen Jetta, plus DPCA Fukang, the three cars add up to the old three in the mouth of old car fans. Santana talked about it. One of the great achievements of Jetta is to save Changchun FAW. At that time, although FAW was the eldest son of the Republic and also produced Jiefang and Hongqi models, backward management and turbulent current situation led to the decline of the enterprise

the success of Shanghai Volkswagen Santana has become a ready-made template, and FAW Volkswagen Jetta came into being. After all, at that time, the types of vehicles on the market were still very rare. The positioning of Jetta, whose prototype was the golf hatchback version, was also lower than that of Santana, whose prototype was Passat. Jetta quickly became popular and became the later rental army like Fukang

04, Audi A6 is the first lesson of Chinese luxury cars

in the 1980s, China's senior official cars were the world of Nissan Duke and Toyota Crown with a small amount of Mercedes Benz, which was the Enlightenment of Chinese luxury cars. However, with the lack of foreign exchange, it is unrealistic to import these cars for a long time. Although Santana and Beijing Jeep are also active in the official car team, they are still a long way from senior official cars, in other words, luxury cars

in 1988, FAW assembled a batch of Audi 100 C3 (C3 refers to the third generation Audi 100) to test the water. In 1996, Audi 100 c4v6 (the fourth generation Audi 100 V6 engine) was offline in FAW Volkswagen. Audi, which seized the vacancy in the senior official car market, gradually became a synonym for official cars. This generation of models was renamed Audi A6 overseas in 1995

in 1999, the second generation Audi A6 was made in China, and the new car was lengthened especially for the Chinese market, with a wider space and a sleek and elegant shape, which is the time limit and requirement most familiar to Chinese people; For the generation A6 in various cities, it is also a time when Audi has truly established a luxury brand in China

Audi and the Chinese market have a feeling of mutual achievement. The former is due to the development of the Chinese market, and the latter is due to the success of Audi, which has led to the subsequent domestic production of luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz. In the international market, this generation of Audi A6 has a wide range of models, including hatchback, station wagon, allroad, S6 and RS6, Quattro 4WD plus, and V8 twin turbocharged engine at the top. In addition, with the support of the Chinese market, it is from this generation of A6 that Audi has truly become a globally recognized luxury brand

05, accord: the first domestic medium and high-end car synchronized with the world

in 1998, Guangzhou Honda was established, and the sixth generation Accord was completed the following year. It was here that accord began to synchronize the domestic and world of medium and high-end cars in China. Keeping pace with the world, it also shows that foreign brands have begun to recognize and attach importance to China's market position. Before that, the models produced by the joint venture factory were mature or even old overseas models. Also since 1998, China's automobile industry has shifted from commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles with high growth. This is the golden decade of China's passenger vehicles

in 1998, Shanghai General Motors Buick new century also entered China at the same time as the world. Although the positioning of this Buick with a price of about 300000 is similar to that of accord, it is a medium and high-grade car, but the actual length of this car has reached 5 meters, which is even longer than the Audi A6 at that time. Coupled with luxurious leather interior panels, a big appetite of 26 oil per hundred kilometers, and a flickering sense of driving, the name of "American ship" is called by this car

06, Geely Dihao: the only Chinese brand car in the top 10 in car sales

before Dihao EC7, Geely's mass-produced models include Haoqing, American and Japanese, unileo, meretah, Huapu, FreeShip, King Kong and vision. If you are as old as I am + familiar with cars, you will know how fast Geely has developed in the past ten years from the first mass-produced car cash testing machine operation knowledge offline in 1998 to the mass production of Dihao EC7 in 2009, How incredible, the first private car factory, the first 70000 yuan car, the first Chinese brand sports car. The world only knows the ancient joke that "a car is a sofa with four wheels", but it doesn't know the 2007 Ningbo declaration

two years after the Ningbo declaration, Dihao EC7 went offline, which is the beginning of Geely's shift to quality and technology. From the original low-cost car with roots below 70000 yuan, it turned upward. Today, the total sales volume of the emgrand family has exceeded 2million, and it has become the most successful family model in Chinese brands. What is important is that in the silver decade after China's car market, everyone plunged into the SUV market. Only Geely did not give up cars. Now Dihao has become the only existence in China's car market that can compete with joint ventures

In 2003, Chery, which sold for less than 50000 yuan, came into the market. First, it directly lowered the price of Geely's 70000 yuan Chinese sedan to less than 50000 yuan, becoming a new round of popularity pioneer of Chinese sedan; Second, Chery focused on fashion and youth, which was the first Chinese brand model that really targeted young people in terms of products and marketing at that time. Chery's hot sales also helped Chery become the No. 1 brand in China in 2007, with a sales volume of 372000 vehicles that year, and later became the first Chinese car enterprise with an annual sales of more than 400000 vehicles

by 2017, the total volume of passenger cars in China's auto market had increased from 6.3 million to 24million, and the sales volume of Chinese brand passenger cars had increased from 2.5 million to more than 10million. Chery's annual sales volume was 427000, and it had stagnated for ten years. The once independent brother had been reduced to a passer-by, which made people sigh. The so-called technological talents can't be recognized by the market. The so-called horizontal development of multiple brands has become a further shackle for the enterprise. How can Chery go on after that

08, Wuling Hongguang: the superstar in the era of car chartering behind, China's God car, the world's largest sales volume

it's not surprising that minivans can become popular. At a price of 30000 to 50000 yuan, Juneng pulls people and can load goods. It's the most efficient means of transportation for Chinese people to go to a well-off society in that era. In addition to witnessing the booming era, Wuling Hongguang also ushered in the era of car chartering. The more household and comfortable precise positioning made Wuling Hongguang once sell 650000 vehicles a year, ranking first in the world

from Liuqi to Liuzhou Wuling, then to SAIC GM Wuling, from commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles, from vans to the later charter era, the times have changed dramatically, with Chery struggling to decline, and Wuling stepping on the right pace and achieving great results. Among the top 100 models sold in the world in 2016, only 8 Chinese local brands were on the list, while SAIC GM Wuling has monopolized 4 models. The success of SAIC GM Wuling should also be an inspiration to other local brands

09, it is Haval H6 that has achieved the status of Great Wall SUV expert

in 2011, Haval H6 was listed, which is a "fist" product created by great wall with nearly 10 years of experience and technology after Saifu SUV was listed in 2002. After the launch of Haval H6, it became popular with its excellent styling space and reasonable pricing, raising the boom of SUV in the Chinese market to above the boiling point. It was only when other Chinese brands saw the success of H6 that they added to SUV. At this time, Great Wall essentially began to give up cars and focus on SUV

in 2016, the annual sales of Great Wall Motors exceeded one million for the first time in its history, reaching 1.07 million, of which the sales of Haval H6 was 580000, accounting for 54%. The importance of this car to great wall is self-evident. In addition to dominating the list of SUV sales for many years, Haval H6 also achieved a miracle of selling 80000 vehicles a month in December 2016, but compared with the moment when SUVs began to decline, Haval H6 sold only 26000 vehicles in June last month, and Great Wall shaved away the wey brand, and its sales also fell year-on-year. We still want to put forward that sentence, the great wall cut down the car is not only cut down the horizontal structure of the enterprise, but also cut down the basic research and development represented by the car, leaving hidden dangers for future development

10, Lingke 01 is the first successful luxury car of Chinese brand.

the performance of selling 9079 cars in April, 9234 cars in May and 9247 cars in June, with nearly 10000 cars sold every month in a row, proves that Lingke 01 has been recognized by the market. Further, Lingke 01 is the first truly successful luxury car of Chinese brand. Even though LinkedIn 01 is still 15 The price of the 080000 joint venture compact SUV is also the target of CR-V competitors, but in essence, the quality, materials and services have reached the level of luxury cars. Combined with the representatives of the above models with a strong sense of the times, Chinese brands cut in from low prices, took root in the low end, and then made breakthroughs upward, and finally came to Lingke 01

Lingke needs to work hard to be recognized as a luxury brand, but Lingke 01 is already a model that meets the standard of luxury cars, which is beyond doubt. As for some people's suggestion that "Geely is lucky enough to marry Volvo."

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