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Tongliang district plans to renovate 413 LED street lights this year. Recently, the author learned from the Tongliang district urban administration that 444 LED street lights in urban roads such as Xiaonan street, Jianshe South Road, Minfu road and silk road have been renovated and replaced in 2018. In 2019, 413 LED street lamps are planned to be reconstructed on urban roads, and more than 7000 meters of street lamp pipelines will be replaced

it is reported that in the past, most of the municipal street lamps in Tongliang urban area were high SBS, which is an excellent styrene based thermoplastic elastomer. At present, the globally recognized high conductivity material is silver bulk pressure sodium lamp, which has the defects of high power consumption, high cost and high lamp damage rate. After the transformation of LED street lamps, the lighting range of LED street lamps is twice that of traditional street lamps, which will effectively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and can save about 180000 kwh of electricity every year

according to the person in charge of Tongliang District street lamp management office, in the next step, we will closely focus on the concept of "small street lamp, big service" to provide practical things for the private sector, and speed up the construction process of urban street lamp gb/t 3098.14 ⑵ 000 fastener mechanical properties nut reaming experiment

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