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Smart city and industry account for 40% of Advantech's new growth engine

in Taipei, on August 3, Advantech (Stock Code: 2395), the global leader in intelligent systems, held a legal person briefing and announced the consolidated financial statements for the first half of 2015. The consolidated revenue was about NT $18.812 billion, an increase of 7.96% over 2014. Among them, the market in Chinese Mainland grew steadily, with a growth rate of 13%

according to the latest McKinsey report, the IOT reform will go through three stages: infrastructure and hardware manufacturers are particularly valuable; Core services based on infrastructure, such as big data analysis and search services, are relatively valuable; In the third stage, there will be some new business models for different industries, and the potential economic impact of the global IOT on the world will reach $11.1 trillion by 2025; Among them, the economic impact of smart factories on IOT will reach $3.7 trillion in 2025; The demand for smart cities will reach US $1.7 trillion in 2025

hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech technology, said: for the three-stage reform of IOT, Advantech's IOT layout is divided into three steps: the first stage is to significantly increase the market share; The second stage is to identify new growth opportunities through alliances and innovation; In the third stage, it will cooperate with system integrators in specific industries in the form of collaborative cooperation and cultivation. Advantech is well aware of its role in the value chain of IOT, so it proposes different strategies in the three-stage reform of IOT

three stages of IOT industry reform

focus on smart city and industry 4.0

for the development of smart city and smart factory, Advantech will focus on the development of five fields in smart city, including smart transportation, smart retail, smart medical treatment, smart building, digital logistics and fleet management; Intelligent factory is developing towards five categories under the concept of industry 4.0, including manufacturing execution system (MES) and production history, production testing equipment, machine monitoring and preventive maintenance, labor saving and automation, and factory environment monitoring

in the afternoon of July 30, Advantech signed an industry 4.0 cooperation memorandum with Cheng Tai, a Taiwanese tool machine manufacturer. In the future, the two sides will carry out further cooperation on the value-added software and man-machine interface of tool machine controllers in smart factories, as well as the information and communication flow of smart machine mechanical equipment to the cloud. Following the acquisition of Baoyuan in 2013, Advantech actively builds an industrial 4.0 ecosystem, and cooperates with Cheng Tai to further extend its tentacles into the suppliers of machinery and equipment in smart factories, adding another corner to its industrial 4.0 puzzle

at present, China puts more emphasis on cutting the heart of the game. He Chunsheng pointed out that this cooperation with Cheng Tai, Advantech has developed a very high-level system. In addition, the two sides have had good cooperation in the robot part. Now they also have good integration in the tool machine factory, and bring robots and robots into the scope of operation. In the future, they will go deeper into industry 4.0, which is mainly divided into three aspects: tool machines are included in automatic detection to prevent stupidity; Assisted by sensors, it becomes a perceptual machine; The machine company collects data to realize cloud interconnection

organizational transformation and strengthening the benefits of resource integration

in order to cope with the above various development trends, Advantech will also significantly adjust the concept of integrating and implementing industry orientation (sect realizes the speed control or lead of the moving beam of the experimental machine) from products to industries, regions to the world, hoping to optimize the operating organization and the benefits of resource integration, and meet the three major directions of product design and manufacturing: intelligent design, maker movement, and mass customization. After adjustment, the characteristics of Advantech organization 5 are as follows:

● three public institutions serve three target markets, three business models, and two business model operations

● take the same target market and business model as the principle

● the original seven public institutions are combined into three public institutions

● the three public institutions align with the three target markets, The front-line business organization is transformed into sector sales

● optimize the operation organization and resource integration benefits. In the future, the front-line industry-oriented business sector sales will be shared, and the resources of headquarters institutions will be integrated and shared, such as R & D, PM, quality and manufacturing functions

the three major institutions (SBGS) operate independently to form a future successor team

finally, He Chunsheng pointed out that Advantech will continue to expand the organizational operations of the three existing public institutions. In addition to giving full play to the comprehensive effect in product and R & D, it should also develop the global business functions of each organization, so as to give the senior executives of each public institution a broader business vision; In addition, each SBG has set up management committee departments to focus on talent cultivation and inheritance, cultivate future successors, and continue the operation of Advantech enterprises

about Advantech

Advantech is a leading manufacturer in the intelligent systems industry, and has become a trusted international brand for customers with advanced technology and reliable quality. Since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has 7000 full-time employees worldwide and branches in 21 countries. Its four business groups focus on automation, embedded computers, intelligent systems and intelligent service markets, and have formed a strong technical service and marketing network with a number of partners to provide customers with convenient services that are lagging behind the global layout and localization response when real innovation is slow. Yanhua takes the promotion of smart earth as its corporate mission, and takes driving smart city innovation and building a model of IOT industry as its goal to help industries accelerate their intelligent operation, and is determined to become the most influential global enterprise in the field of smart city and IOT

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