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Intelligent car search and whole process temperature control cold chain also play a role of "cloud" intelligence

Abstract: it is the new generation of Internet information technology that makes the sharing economy possible, makes information more collaborative and communication more efficient, reduces human factors, and makes all processes more standardized, which is also the efficiency revolution of the Internet era. In traditional manufacturing and transportation, this revolution is also in progress

from airbnb to didi taxi, both apartments and cars are shared. Under the sharing economy, idle resources can be redistributed and reused, resulting in more social and economic values, which increasingly rebuild and facilitate people's basic necessities of life

it is the new generation of Internet information technology that makes the sharing economy possible, makes information more collaborative and communication more efficient, reduces human factors, and makes all processes more standardized. This is also the efficiency revolution in the Internet era. In traditional manufacturing and transportation, this revolution is also in progress

crystal link, which focuses on temperature control supply chain management services, applies interconnected information technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, big data, and creates a collaborative, win-win, and complementary supply chain collaborative sharing ecosystem through integration and innovation with the pharmaceutical, catering, and food industries

connect "points" into "faces", intelligently match transportation resources

facebook, Weibo and other Internet social platforms, connecting people all over the world; Crystal chain connects all links of the pharmaceutical, catering and food industry chain, and takes information synergy as the core entry point to improve the operation efficiency of the whole industry chain. Suppliers, purchasers and logistics providers gather together in the "resource pool" of crystal link. Like every box in the famous game Tetris, they are placed in the right place without leaving a "vacancy" to quickly achieve the highest value

with cold chain storage and transportation resources all over the country, crystal link can intelligently match resources in various regions for food enterprises. Take the less than carload transportation common in the logistics industry as an example. When a food enterprise delivers less than the whole vehicle, logistics resources will be idle, which is a waste for the fresh and frozen food industry that relies on high-cost cold chain logistics

at this time, crystal link can automatically match resources, gather the goods of more shippers, allocate and ensure that the speed accuracy is 0.5% of the indicated value to idle vehicle resources. In addition, crystal link will also optimize the distribution route, deliver to the destination quickly, save the distribution cost, and solve the problems that cannot be solved by itself for the traditional third-party logistics enterprises in the past

"cold chain logistics has only one more procedure - temperature control than normal temperature logistics, but there is a difference of 18000 miles." Zhaohuixia, general manager of jingliantong central China, once said at an industry exchange meeting, for example, that a batch of frozen goods were sent from Henan to Zhejiang, and it was found that the quarantine ticket was missing after they arrived at the customers' hands, so the goods were sent back and forth for many times, and the goods were repeatedly distributed. What could have been solved in one day took six days to complete the delivery. For normal temperature transportation, the vehicle can wait for the quarantine ticket to arrive in place, and the whole transportation process can be completed in 2 days

the transportation process is opaque, and the supplier's delivery time and the logistics provider's in transit time cannot be counted, which is easy to delay the delivery date; The inaccurate delivery plan makes it difficult to control the peaks and troughs of suppliers' warehousing, which directly affects the warehousing arrangement and inventory planning of the warehouse... There are many pain points in similar industries. Zhaohuixia said that crystal link is to solve these pain points, from carriers, shippers, warehouses, consignors, to shippers, drivers, distributors, and receivers, through the whole process of collaborative management to improve logistics efficiency

"we don't do logistics, we can be regarded as the fourth party logistics." Zhao Huixia said that like serving McDonald's havi, crystal link also relies on management information systems to create value. Carriers, warehouses, and receivers are all "points", and crystal link connects them into a "surface"

whole industry chain monitoring

Zhao Huixia has worked in food enterprises and logistics companies. She has worked in both Party A and Party B for ten years. In 2025, she has quite experienced the pain points of the cold chain industry. She once saw that the quality control department of a cold chain logistics company arranged six people. Instead of using a temperature control supply chain platform, there was no need for one employee. Information technology would help it solve the problems of tracking and assessing the total amount of chemical production enterprises outside the city's chemical parks (including monitoring points)

crystal link starts from the logistics link, takes the transportation process monitoring service as the product core, integrates national standards and industry norms, forms a standardized system, and thus restricts the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Among them, the driver app provides convenient operation services and positioning services for platform drivers, including loading, delivery, picking up, delivery, signing, exception registration, receipt uploading, etc; The owner app provides platform owners with order management, order tracking, vehicle tracking, temperature tracking, vehicle source search, source release and other services

in addition to in transit transportation monitoring, crystal link can also realize warehouse supervision - docking with warehouse monitoring equipment, real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, positioning, analysis and early warning, and comprehensive supervision of the warehouse. In this way, no matter why the goods are stranded, there is no need to worry, and the above goods without quarantine tickets do not need to be delivered back and forth many times

in addition, crystal link has also extended traceability collaborative services to assist enterprises in establishing a product traceability standard system, so as to achieve production records, process supervision, information inquiry, flow traceability and traceability, so as to enhance the brand value of enterprises

traceability collaboration uses Internet technology to scan codes and record information in all links of the supply chain. Crystal link provides a variety of traceability information query channels, including PC and

Zhao Huixia said that crystal link can realize "end-to-end" whole process supervision: carry out real-time monitoring during the distribution of raw materials to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted during transportation; During the production and processing process, the use of cables and cables is monitored by real-time video to ensure the standardization of the production process; Conduct standardized process monitoring during terminal distribution. This is good for the pharmaceutical, catering and food industries

"cloud" purchase and marketing plan

not only logistics collaboration and traceability collaboration, but also crystal link provides purchase and marketing collaboration services, which puts forward solutions for the catering industry

"potatoes are found to be gone when they are used, and it is too late to purchase again. A catering store has a lot of ingredients to purchase." Zhao Huixia said that the purchase and sales coordination scheme provided by crystal link covers various business forms such as procurement, agent procurement, store sales, etc. it not only provides unified order management and coordination for enterprises, but also provides a central inventory solution to avoid the above situation

in addition, with the help of the crystal chain cloud platform, enterprises can realize unified management of capital settlement, and can reconcile, bill and pay with suppliers and customers, which is exactly financial collaboration. A few days ago, crystal link cooperated with a leading catering service enterprise in the world. What the other party wanted was its service ability to the whole supply chain

because crystal link has set threshold standards for these residents, it can also improve the "one-stop" bidding efficiency of Party A's enterprises. "The bidding meeting of food enterprises is generally held, which consumes human, material, financial and energy." Zhao Huixia explained, "after our screening, the supplier resources are relatively high-quality. Enterprises can complete the bidding and procurement work with high efficiency and quality according to the annual plan or temporary needs."

"now the goods from Zhengzhou to Nanyang can be shipped for two yuan." Zhao Huixia pointed out that there are a lot of chaos in the cold chain market. For the possible phenomenon of drivers running away in the cold chain logistics transportation, crystal link provides freight insurance services, and the "one-to-one" claim settlement system can effectively handle claims

"in the overall structure, in the later stage, we will provide supply chain financial services for service providers upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including freight insurance, cargo right financing, credit loan, etc." Zhao Huixia added

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