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Haimen seized small workshops for processing waste plastics and aluminum

Haimen Environmental Protection Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province recently jointly enforced the law to seal up the city's unlicensed small workshops for processing waste plastics and aluminum according to law. It is understood that Haimen currently has 32 waste plastic processing and waste aluminum processing sites. These processing sites have simple processing technology, simple equipment, dirty and messy sites, and most of them are illegal operations without licenses. Environmental violations repeatedly require them to strive to build the largest base for new chemical materials in the Yangtze River Basin, which is prohibited in many fields. The wastewater and waste gas generated during processing are directly discharged without treatment, causing water pollution and air pollution, Complaints about the public environment continued, with a total of 198 complaints in 2015. In accordance with the general idea of centralized investigation, special rectification, investigation and punishment according to law, and illegal ban, Haimen City has carried out the pollution control work of plastic particles and waste aluminum processing industry. The one-way loading fatigue experiment can be divided into pulsating fatigue experiment and shaking fatigue experiment based on the environmental impact assessment approval, pollutant discharge permit and pollutant discharge up to standard. The "three noes" plastic particles without environmental impact assessment approval, treatment facilities and pollutant discharge permit are banned Scrap aluminum processing enterprise

during the remediation process, NPC deputies, CPPCC members and staff of public security and procuratorial organs are invited to participate in environmental law enforcement. Through renovation, 10 waste plastics and aluminum processing workshops have been relocated or shut down by themselves, but 20 processing sites are still in a wait-and-see state and enterprises with a sense of luck. For the "nail households" who failed to persuade repeatedly, Haimen Environmental Protection Bureau and the public security department carried out a compulsory clean-up action, sealed up the relevant production equipment of 20 waste plastics and aluminum processing sites, and cut off power to the workshops. Yuanyaozhang, deputy leader of Haimen Environmental Supervision Brigade, said, "the environmental protection department has always maintained a high-pressure situation for illegal sewage discharge enterprises and illegal small workshops. If one is found, it will resolutely ban it. For these processing enterprises, we have taken measures such as cutting off power, sealing up machinery and equipment, and conducting follow-up inspections to prevent the resurgence."

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