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The smart building celebration of Advantech Shanghai company was successfully held. From September 23, 2009 to September 18, 2009, the celebration reception with the theme of "Advantech innovation, scientific and technological wisdom, deep cultivation in China" was successfully held in Advantech Shanghai Branch. This celebration is honored to invite nearly 70 government leaders, universities, partners and dealer partners from Shanghai Zhabei District People's government, Taiwan Affairs, Shibei high tech group, Shanghai University of Finance and economics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Tongji University, China University of mining and technology to participate in this celebration

Advantech entered the Advantech intelligent building with the guests and jointly launched the tree of Advantech's scientific and technological wisdom. The tree of scientific and technological wisdom shows the enterprise philosophy and spirit of Advantech, and breeds new scientific and technological products. It will take root in China and continue to grow an infinite number of industrial wisdom. Advantech hopes to continue to cultivate and develop with the concept of industry, so as to achieve "industry conquers the world and brings glory back to hometown". Advantech has designated Shanghai as the central position of homel or no less than 25% and development. Advantech intelligent building will take industrial application research and development and intelligent life research and development as its main responsibilities, and strive to achieve "take greater China to avoid late quality defects as homeland, and build a global ePlatform service brand." Goal of

Advantech established an industry university research alliance with the MBA School of Shanghai University of Finance and economics

at the same time, Dai Guoqiang, Dean of the MBA School of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, and Mr. hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech Greater China, held a signing ceremony on the cooperation between Advantech and the MBA School of Shanghai University of Finance and economics. Based on the long-term good cooperation in production and learning, the two sides have established a new cooperation mode of "production, learning and research", giving full play to their respective advantages in academic and industrial fields, integrating complementary resources of both sides, and constantly updating the enterprise management knowledge base, so as to finally realize the long-term mechanism of organizational learning and innovation

about Advantech

since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has a place in the industrial computer field with its foresight and integrity. Advantech is also a premier member of the Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with our solution partners, we can provide complete solutions for various industrial applications. Advantech's products and solutions cover three areas: embedded ePlatform organization, services to drive the revenue growth of the main businesses of all industries, eServices Applied Computing Group, and industrial automation group. With more than 3400 full-time employees, Advantech has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network between 18 countries and 39 major cities, so it can provide fast listing services for customers around the world. For more information, please check

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