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Intelligent manufacturing black technology, abb released acopos 6D planar magnetic levitation technology

on January 28, abb baccalais released a new acopos 6D product based on planar magnetic levitation technology. This new product, designed for the increasingly demanding personalized and agile production needs, will make the production line break through the shackles of the original mechanical layout, get rid of the limitations of the traditional one-dimensional transportation, enter the multi-dimensional space, and make the production organization more flexible and efficient through advanced magnetic levitation technology

as the mechanical automation business unit of the robot and discrete automation division of ABB group, baccalais has always been committed to cutting-edge innovation. In response to changes in market demand, acopos 6D is a further extension of its motion control product line acopos series after acopos Trak

abb baccalais released acopos 6D planar magnetic levitation technology

acopos 6D was born to cope with flexible manufacturing, creating a new mode of production line, which can make the processed workpiece move and rotate in multiple dimensions, so as to form more possibilities between the station and the workpiece, without the need for complex and inflexible mechanical structure to complete. This programmable mover movement makes the whole processing process more flexible

acopos 6D what to expect

no contact, no noise, extremely accurate

thanks to the advanced magnetic levitation technology, it seems that under the guidance of an invisible hand, the movable sub tray can slide and accelerate freely above the surface of the stator module, and control in all directions. Due to non-contact, there is no noise, and it can achieve M-level accuracy

non contact, zero wear

acopos 6D movable sub tray can be suspended freely without any contact and friction. Since there is no wear, there are no parts that need maintenance. If a stainless steel housing is added to the motor stator module, acopos 6D can provide ip69k protection level, making it very suitable for clean room applications or food and beverage production

fully integrated architecture

acopos 6D is fully integrated in the begalay ecosystem. This enables the mover tray to synchronize with servo axis, robot, track system and machine vision camera with microsecond accuracy. The path planning of the moving sub tray is carried out in a special controller, which is connected to the machine network through Powerlink, which means that it will not have any impact on the network or the performance of the machine control system. For systems with more than 200 stator modules or 50 rotor trays, multiple controllers can be synchronized with each other

smart sub tray

different from similar systems, each acopos 6D sub tray is assigned a globally unique ID. Once started, the controller will immediately know the position of each mover tray on the motor stator module, and production can start without time-consuming reset sequence or manual input by the operator. The repeated positioning accuracy of the mover tray is 5 m, which makes acopos 6D very suitable for applications with strict positioning requirements, such as the electronics industry and the assembly of mechanical and electronic components

application development is very simple

although acopos 6D provides almost unlimited possibilities in machine and production line planning, its setting is extremely easy to be equipped with idling and preheating for 10 minutes. The intelligent algorithm can ensure that the moving sub tray avoids collision and follows the best route while minimizing energy consumption. Line planners are free to focus on their main task: developing the best machine process to increase productivity

acopos 6D can be applied to which industries

there is room for acopos 6D to play in the production and assembly process with typical personalized needs, high precision and complex processes. ABB baccalais not only provides users with more flexible products, including advanced control technology, acopos servo drive technology, acopostrak flexible conveying system, HMI, machine vision, robot, safety system, complete solutions, and realizes the complete integration of the whole production line

The places where acopos 6D can play a role include but are not limited to the following fields:

medical device assembly

pharmaceutical packaging production line

consumer and automotive electronics assembly line

daily chemical product assembly

acopos 6D is the result of strategic cooperation between abb and Canadian magnetic levitation machine state-owned enterprise system and mechanism is not flexible enough (planar motors Inc., PMI). By integrating PMI's planar magnetic levitation technology into ABB bekale's product portfolio, the transformation from strict linear production mode to open and adaptive manufacturing is accelerated. PMI has more than 5 years of research and development experience in the field of magnetic levitation technology in industrial manufacturing, and ABB begalay is its shareholder

pmi's intelligent magnetic levitation technology has been integrated into the product portfolio of baccalais. The product is named acopos 6D

an Shiming, President of ABB robotics and discrete Automation Division, said: with a strong partner network, acopos 6D allows us to break through the technical boundary again. Acopos 6D can bring unprecedented flexibility to all walks of life, enabling industries such as health care and pharmaceuticals to benefit from our flexible manufacturing solutions. Through this cooperation, we are expanding our industry-leading portfolio of robotics and mechanical automation products, and consolidating our position as the only company that can provide a full range of integrated hardware and software solutions for machinery manufacturers and industry customers

An Shiming, President of ABB robotics and discrete Automation Division, said that the cooperation with abb will further improve our technology and bring changes to industrial manufacturing. Our technology will seamlessly integrate with abb mechanical automation solutions, allowing customers to benefit from unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and intelligence. We are very happy to continue to write a successful chapter together with ABB's global layout and industry expertise

as a business unit of ABB robotics and discrete Automation Division, bekale is a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Baccalais combines cutting-edge technology with leading engineering to provide customers in almost all industries with complete solutions for machine and factory automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology

abb robotics and discrete automation is a pioneer in robotics, mechanical automation and digital services, committed to providing innovative solutions for automotive, electronics, logistics and other industries. As the world's leading supplier of robotics and mechanical automation technology, we have delivered more than 400000 robot solutions. We are committed to helping customers of different sizes improve production efficiency and production flexibility, simplify production processes, improve product quality, and help them move towards an interconnected and collaborative future factory. ABB robotics and discrete automation has more than 10000 employees in 53 countries and more than 100 regions around the world

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