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Smart car tuyere meiniao smart car karaoke system has become a new highlight of smart cars

the automotive industry has experienced three changes: from scratch, the all-round development of the automotive industry, and the development of the world's automotive industry. In the field of interconnection and AI technology continue to be applied to the automotive industry, the trend of automotive intelligence and integration has become a foregone conclusion. The global automotive industry is facing the fourth industrial revolution, and the global automobile will enter the era of intelligence and integration. Smart cars have become a new outlet, and meiniao smart car karaoke will become a new highlight of smart cars

intelligent vehicles have their inherent advantages over traditional vehicles in terms of vehicle performance, information integration and safety with the help of the application of new technologies. However, from the perspective of direct perception, the above characteristics are weaker than the visual and auditory impact brought by car karaoke. However, car entertainment only stays on listening to FM radio and CD, which meets people's entertainment needs from the listening level. The car has a private space of 3 square meters, and naturally has luxury seats and audio equipment. The simple demand for "listening" undoubtedly causes the quasi entry barrier of graphite enterprises to use the most effective polyurethane foam equipment for measurement, mixing and spraying, which reduces the waste of car space resources and audio resources. The natural hardware configuration of the car is the same as that of a KTV private room. The combination of "listening + singing" creates the most intuitive and audio-visual impact entertainment form of smart cars

meiniao smart car karaoke system is specially designed for smart cars. In the future, when you don't have to drive a car, what else can you do in it? Baidu Robin Lee once replied that in the future, people can sing karaoke and eat hot pot in smart cars. It can be seen that the Internet giants have foreseen the market space for smart car karaoke systems. When the car is not driven by people, once people enter the car, the "island effect" in the car is particularly profound. The person in charge of Baidu car business department once replied that Zhang Weixing, CEO of meiniao technology, did not feel bored and boring before, which was the pain point of smart cars, but in the actual vehicle test, once you entered the car, you found the true sense of this demand. To solve the problem of boredom in the car and boredom in the car, meiniao intelligent car karaoke system perfectly solves this pain point. Tesla CEO Max recently announced that Tesla's unmanned car will be loaded with car karaoke function. It can be seen that car karaoke will be the general trend

with the increasing demand for driving, information, safety and other aspects, the demand intensity of on-board entertainment is becoming more and more obvious. Multi function integration is one of the focuses of the development of intelligent vehicles in the future. The integration of audio, video, navigation, auxiliary driving and other functions has become a popular trend of intelligent vehicle entertainment. When a smart car is driven by only one screen, all functions are integrated into the central control screen of the smart car, and occupying the central control screen becomes a major entrance to car entertainment. Zebra smart behavior meiniao technology opened the bottom ROM of SDK system, and meiniao technology customized the "karaoke" module function for Zebra smart behavior. This will undoubtedly become a strong starting point for meiniao technology to develop smart car karaoke

meiniao technology has reached a strategic cooperation with zebra smart bank to provide zebra smart bank with exclusive auto entertainment software and hardware solutions. Why Alibaba &; Will zebra Zhixing, jointly established by SAIC, choose an unknown small enterprise to cooperate? Meiniao technology team has been deeply involved in the automotive entertainment market for five years, and has mature experience in audio and RF technology. At the same time, it has the exclusive patented WiFi real-time audio transmission technology and various patent advantages. Exclusive music copyright has also become the barrier advantage of meiniao technology. The comprehensive strength of the software and hardware research and development and the meiniao team finally reached the hand-in-hand cooperation between meiniao technology and zebra Zhixing

with the deepening of the cooperation between meiniao technology and ban, Ma Zhixing maintained for 1H under the specified temperature, the executives of SAIC Group unanimously agreed to the auto entertainment project. At present, the smart car KGM built by meiniao technology for SAIC mingjue HS has been mass produced. In the future, meiniao smart KGM will become the standard configuration of all SAIC vehicles equipped with zebra smart travel system

meiniao intelligent car mounted karaoke system is not only a combination of software and hardware, but also a new entrance to the Internet. Meiniao mutual entertainment app is a car entertainment platform built by meiniao technology based on car owners. In the future, it will focus on car owners and combine their home entertainment and outdoor entertainment development to create a full scene entertainment platform. In 2017, the installed capacity of zebra system reached 1.4 million, and in 2018, zebra insiders estimated that the installed capacity would reach 3million. The huge flow of zebra smart travel system will bring a huge number of users to meiniao mutual entertainment. Meiniao technology carried out domestic smart car industry giants at the same time, and reached deep cooperation intentions with domestic well-known smart car giants

the era of smart cars has come, and the era of intelligent entertainment in cars will follow, and the value of new Internet access platforms will be unlimited. Meiniao technology is not only software and hardware, but also an Internet high-tech enterprise focusing on car entertainment